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How To Invest In Real Estate

Do you want to have financial success in your life and career? If so, learning from people who are already doing so is a great start.

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor and personal coach for a lot of people in the Miami area. There are a lot of people who look up to the life and the career that he has built over time. With that being said, now is a great time to start looking to the future to have a great deal of success. Samuel Strauch knows that the real estate market is one of the hottest in the country. Now is the time to start preparing your finances for investing over time. This is a great way for you to learn how to build wealth and manage your finances the right way.

Samuel Strauch
When he first started out in real estate, a lot of people thought he was crazy for trying to invest in Miami real estate. The city was ridden with high levels of crime, and he was worried about what may happen in his life and career. However, he saw value in the area, and with the rest of the market his wealth has risen. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming to the area. In addition, various people are ready to see what he can do for the area in the future. If you want to learn from him, there are several key principles that you need to follow.

Final Thoughts
Overall, Samuel Strauch has proven that he knows how to use capital to invest for the future. When buying a property, always spend the time that is required to make a major difference in the local area. Buying the right way is the best way to make money.

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The Passion & Commitment of Capital Anesthesiology Association

Commitment means everything, no matter the line of work and passion enhances the affects dramatically especially when it comes to medical care. This just so happen to be one of the largest industries in the world by far and there’s no room for error. Anesthesiology is one of life’s greatest inventions as it prepares the patient ahead, during, and after medical procedures. Without this vital medication, making it through these procedures would most likely be extremely different for both patient and physician. Luckily there’s Capital Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas. This is one of the very best and largest independent practices of anesthesiology specialization in the nation. This team of clinical specialists are highly trained in all forms of service such as pediatric, obstetric, cardiothoracic, general, and regional anesthesiology.

Some of the finest doctors and certified registered nurses walk these hallowed halls on a daily basis, which ensures the general public that if medical treatment is needed, full coverage is definitely available. All members of this extensive staff is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. Up t0 20 medical facilities throughout the area are a part of this huge network. This includes Dell Children’s Medical Center, Inspire Medical Centre, CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, and many more.

Proving the most comfortable environment is what this club is all about and Capital Anesthesiology Association delivers on all promises. This is modern way of these exclusive services because it’s more productive, efficient, and effective. Try this here for detail.

Sam Boraie teams up with Shaquille O’Neil on rebound development

Sam Boraie, vice president of operations with Boraie Development (see,, has teamed up with basketball legend, rap star and Hollywood A-lister Shaquille O’Neil to construct the first high rise in Newark since 1962. The building, a stunning, 23-story tower with heavy Art-Deco influence will be a mixed-use space. It will feature hundreds of condo units, apartments and over 7,500 square feet of retail space.

An all-star team

Shaquille O’Neil is one of the most successful American professional athletes. The Newark native has shown incredible aptitude for other pursuits, beginning with his acting and music career, while he was still playing for such teams as the L.A. Lakers and Orlando Magic. But it’s been in business where O’Neil has really come into his own. He’s gained a reputation as an astute entrepreneur and a staunch advocate for the economic betterment of his struggling hometown.

Sam Boraie is likewise well-credentialed. According to, his firm, Boraie Development is widely credited with almost single-handedly turning the downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey area from a festering slum into one of the state’s most sought-after real estate markets. This ongoing project was started by Sam’s father, Omar, and has been continued by Sam and his brothers.

PR News says what makes the Newark development so special is the fact that it may not have been capable of being pulled off by anyone on the planet besides Shaquille O’Neil and Sam Boraie. That’s because no traditional financier wanted to touch it. Boraie was literally laughed out of meetings with bankers when he told them he wanted to build a luxury condo complex in downtown Newark. It was after a few of these encounters that he had the idea to go to O’Neil, who has the reputation as a sharp investor as well as a dedicated activist for Newark urban renewal.

The two quickly melded and drew up an agreement. For a large part of the initial financing on the $60,000,000 project, O’Neil would get a sizable ownership stake and rights to the penthouse suite. Boraie Development financed much of the rest of the project with its own capital, taking a sizable risk. Today, construction is well underway. The project should be completed by spring of 2018.

Get Immediate Effects With Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Typically any beauty product takes some time to show its impact. It needs some time to get absorbed by the skin in order to let the effect say.

Hence it is a pleasant surprise to come across Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner which shows its impact after the first wash itself. Even if the hair is really dirty, messy, brittle or very thin, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner takes care of it. And there can never be a better feeling than soft and silky hair bouncing on one’s head.

As compared to any other hair care product, a higher amount of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is to be used on hair while washing. The reason behind this can be that it is one product that is doing the work of many other products. Hence there is no need for another shampoo, conditioner or even a styling gel while using this product. This may be the reason for using a higher amount of this product while washing hair.

The impact can be felt even while washing hair with it. Hair becomes soft to touch while rubbing the product in the scalp. Immediately after the first wash, there would be a shine and bounce to the hair. This will last for the entire day. In fact, it would be difficult to resist the urge of passing fingers through the hair all the time.

In the beginning, it may be important to use Wen by Chaz Dean ( cleansing conditioner on a daily basis. This is because the impact does not last too long. After waking up the next day, hair may get back to their normal condition. But slowly this will go away. The impact of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner will remain for a longer duration, and daily wash will not be required.

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Securus Technologies Packages Safeguards In Proprietary Software

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of communications services for correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement and police establishments. The primary purpose is to provide a platform for inmates and their families to communicate with each other and stay in touch.


There are instances, however, when the communications are used for things other than just chit-chat among family members. Criminals are criminals, and if they have the chance, they like to practice their trade whether they are inside or outside of the penitentiary.


Securus has developed a technology called LBS technology, or Securus Location Based Services. This works by apprising the approximate location of a cell phone which can help to track down calls that are coming into or going out of an institution. It does not depend on GPS tracking which can be blocked easily. The technology shows the cell phone location as well as the location that the call is originating from or going to. In this way, the location that inmates are calling from or receiving calls as well as where an incoming call is coming from is recorded.


Recently an accolade came into the Securus home office from a facility where one of the employees of the prison was helping to bring in drugs and alcohol to the inside of the prison. The technology helped to provide evidence that led to his arrest and incarceration.


In another instance, a conversation was recorded between an inmate and a younger sibling located outside of the prison facility. The prisoner was advising the younger sibling, who had never been in trouble before how to speak to the police about a recent shooting. Due to this conversation, enough evidence was gathered to solve an important outstanding criminal case.


Thanks to Securus, many crimes are prevented and solved, and law enforcement and correctional facilities can keep their facilities and jurisdictions much safer than they would have been before.


Party Planning In New York

Hosting A Party In NYC

Are you looking for event planners in NYC? Well there are tons of corporate event planners in NYC, but it can be hard to narrow down the good from the bad. In a recent article, it discusses ways to help you plan a party easier. These tips and tricks are great to keep in mind if you’re in charge of hosting a big event, but you still might decide that you need some help with the detail, or maybe just the planning in general. Whether you decide to take it on yourself or hire someone, you will want to know these tips to help you and your planner make things perfect.


Tips and Tricks While Planning

For starters, make some lists of important things to keep in mind. This could include theme ideas, a guest list or where the party will be held. Make sure to send out invites at your earliest convenience to give people time to RSVP. Decide on some food ideas- not everything has to be fancy. People have always loved good finger foods and appetizers! You could also offer a self serve bar- this allows people to get creative plus you won’t have to hire a bartender. If you have kids attending you could always designate a special table for them to play and socialize at. These are just a few good ideas you could go by when your or your planner start to organize the event.


Twenty Three Layers

If you want one of the greatest event planning companies in NYC, you will look up Twenty Three Layers. This company has some incredible work that can be found on the internet. They specialize in themed parties, big or small and have many famous brand clients. If you want to throw an unforgettable event, you will hire Twenty Three Layers to plan your event.

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Calm as Squaw Valley Resort Handles the Water Situation

Water is among the most useful commodities in the world for human beings, animals, and plants. It’s ,thus, a life supporting and lifesaving drink that can get one going for days without having anything else to eat. That being said, water should be the most protected drink, and should always be in a safe state if it is open for people to drink.


The water condition at Squaw Valley had been compromised due to heavy rains and storms that had affected the region. Some of their water storage facilities got contaminated. The water was reported to have the E. coli bacteria and coliform bacteria. Since the case was reported, water has been treated and the wells that supply the upper part of the Ski Mountains is now improving. There are no instances of medical emergencies that have been reported. The skiers are advised not to drink any water from the resort until the safety of the water is approved by the relevant authorities. Skiing activities are still going on as long as the people observe the warning of avoiding the contaminated water.


In its statement, the Squaw water resort management said that the storm was responsible for contamination of the water facilities, specifically the High Camp and the Gold Coast storage. The contaminated water was only confined to these storage, not the entire facilities. There’s also no point when people used water from these two facilities.

After the ski management had gone through their regular check and inspection, they noticed the contamination and reported the matter to the relevant authorities. The two authorities in charge were Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Other top experts on water safety have also been contacted to help in making the water safe for consumption.


Squaw Resort prioritizes on the safety of their customers, and the affected sections will remain closed until the issue is completely resolved. Meanwhile, the ski facility is offering all guests with bottled safe water for drinking. The resort is very grateful for the support they have received from the Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in handling this delicate matter.



Financial Executive David Giertz Addresses Elephant In The Room: Social Security

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal financial firm executive David Giertz addressed social security and the reason why so many financial advisors don’t discuss it with their clients. The main reason he gave is that social security is a very complex issue that includes over 2,700 rules and regulations. Giertz explains on Instagram that financial advisors need to address this issue with their clients if for no other reason than because of two issues. The first issue is that social security makes up to 40% of the average retiree’s income so it’s simply too big of a financial issue to ignore. The second issue is that the results of research his firm, Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, has shown that many clients are willing to switch financial advisors if theirs does not discuss this all important issue.

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financials distributor network. He oversees the strategy and distribution of what the company’s product offering are in life insurance, annuities, retirement plans, mutual funds, and specialty markets. The financial products that he oversees are sold through a network of banks, wirehouses, brokers, and dealers.

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David Giertz has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and currently lives in the Columbus, Ohio area. In 1986 David Giertz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. In 2003 he earned his MBA in Business Administration and Management from the School of Business at the University of Miami.

Giertz first joined Nationwide Financial as the President of Financial Institutions Distributors Channel in June 2004. He added the role of overlooking the company’s Wirehouse Distribution Channel in 2009. He has also maintained his role as a financial advisor to his clients where he offers his expertise in evaluating companies and investment products in order to help build his clients wealth.

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The Best Available Advice Is Always Available From UKV PLC

The demand for wine has recently been reported to have hit an all time high with prices expected to rise to record levels in the coming years as more people than ever before are looking for the best wine vintages and varieties in many different budget ranges.

Working with a U.K. vintners is always a good option, such as that of UKV PLC who have become dedicated to developing a range of services that can make the difference in any individual achieving the most from their love of wine.

In recent years, the growth of the investment wine industry has become a major part of the services offered by UKV PLC, which include a range of the best wines made available from some of the most respected vineyards and wineries; the role of the wine collector has changed by a large amount over recent years as UKV PLC point out the days of buying two cases of wine to sell one and enjoy drinking the other are not quite over. A major change in the wine industry has been made with the introduction of investors who are largely looking for advice in a bid to purchase wines that give the best chance of making a profit when the wine is sold a few years down the line.

UKV PLC has made a major move into the market for investors as the small team of wine experts employed by the company provide advice on which wines they hope will rise in value. As with all investments wines can rise and fall in value, but by choosing wines from the traditionally popular varieties from Burgundy and Bordeaux the chances of achieving success in profitability is raised to a higher level with the aid of UKV PLC and their team of experts.

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EOS Revamps What We Think of When We Think of Lip Care

In saturated markets many product names become synonymous with the product they make. On example of this is Chapstick. Chapstick sells lip balm and everyone is familiar with their tubes of cylindrical lip care products. EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) decided to take the plunge into this market in an attempt to change the norm and streamline it into something more desirable to its target user.

The first step would be to figure out who exactly the Target was. Research provided important insight into that aspect. It showed that though Chapstick and other lip care companies tried to create a unisex product, the target market was dominated by women who use lip balms as part of their daily beauty regimen. They also interviewed women to find which aspects they liked, disliked, and what they would enjoy in a new product.

Utilizing this important information, EOS lip balm chose to appeal to the women who would likely be the ones using their product. To do this they revamped the boring tube for a more whimsical orb shape that is fun to apply and can more easily be found at the bottom of a purse. Couple that new visual appeal with fabulous new flavors and natural ingredients. EOS had created a winning combination- a $250 million dollar winning combination.

They quickly rose to second place, just behind Burt’s Bees, as best-selling in the industry. This is a great accomplishment considering the staple of companies that have been around forever had become household names. They have solitarily transformed and driven growth in the oral care industry pushing it to new levels and in a new direction.

EOS can now be seen on Walmart stores,  splashed across fashion magazines and in the hands of celebrities. They currently sell over one million units a week and look forward to more success as the market is expected to increase steadily in the next few years. Part of that increase is due to the demand for more natural products. That is good news for EOS since natural is their specialty.