The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is an expert within the makeup industry and is considered to be a leader within the industry with her new mark on makeup and with her new and innovative makeup products that has incorporated a new way to wear makeup for both men as well as women for their daily routine. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a business that specializes in offering bright colors that accentuate the beautiful features of all of the clients of Doe Deere and even encourage a positive attitude when wearing the makeup. Doe Deere is a creative individual who has been growing her business rapidly with not only her high quality products, but also with her loyal customers.

To talk about her plans as a businesswoman as well as an entrepreneur, Galore magazine interviewed Ms. Deere. Doe Deere has been a growing leader within the makeup industry that has attracted much attention with her new and innovative products as well as her refreshing point of view in the industry. During this interview, Doe Deere stated that she often feels as though she cheated with her career due to the fact that Doe Deere has always loved makeup and has always been a creative individual with her bright color scheme.

During this interview, Doe Deere stated that she has been interested in makeup ever since an early age when Doe Deere remembers having sleepovers with her friends where they put makeup on each other and dressed in the brightest clothes that they could find. In a sense, the career path that Doe Deere has chosen has been for the purpose of staying close to her inner child which has continued to bring her prosperity. Though Doe Deere would not call herself a professional at the young age of nine, this sparked Doe Deere’s future passion for makeup and bright colors.

Doe Deere is a dedicated businesswoman who is particularly dedicated to her fans as well as her loyal customers. The choice to make her company an internet-based company was a decision made in order to stay close to her consumers and to make sure that her products reflected the desires of the consumers. This business decision has encouraged Doe Deere to not only remain humble, but to also continuously improve her product into the future. Doe Deere is excited about the growth of her company and hopes that the growth will still continue.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden, Artist of the Body

Dr. Jennifer Walden relocated her busy plastic surgery practice from New York to Austin, Texas. She wanted her twin boys to be able to grow up closer to family. Since 2014 she has been named as one of Texas’s Super Doctors. Dr. Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden grew up in Texas and graduated from Anderson High School. She went on to study at The University of Texas at Austin where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She then attended The University of Texas Medical Branch where she completed her Medical Doctorate. While completing her medical degree, she participated in an externship with the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. When she completed her residency in Texas, she moved to New York to participate in a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She there learned from some of the worlds experts in plastic surgery and continues to implement what she learned in her practice today.

Now practicing at her own practice, Dr. Walden owns and runs, Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center located in Westlake Medical Center. At her medical center she offers a variety of medical procedures.

If you are looking to turn back time, she offers face lifts, eyelid surgery, brow lift, chin implants and rhinoplasty. You may choose to treat your problem areas with injectables and fillers to treat wrinkles and folds, with a variety of products.

Treating problem areas is Dr. Waldens specialty. Hair restoration is a common problem people deal with. There are a variety of procedures that Dr. Walden offers, such as, micro needling and hair transplants. Her clinic also offers laser hair removal to help treat those problem areas. Have a tattoo you regret? There is a laser treatment for that too.

Dr. Walden embodies the professionalism and personal approach you would expect from the best of the best. Her treatments for men and women are a preformed with a precise artistry that leave her clients raving about her.

Why Choose Rocketship Education for Schooling

There are a lot of parents who just want to get their kids a better education. If this is something that you would like to do for your children, you need to consider a charter school. Charter schools have been the preferred method of choice for education because of the benefits that they offer. For one, charter schools like Rocketship Education are ideal for low-income and impoverished families. This means that you can send your kids to a better school without it costing you a penny. These facilities are funded by the general public and are essential for kids who are coming from low-income families. You will also find that Rocketship Education, in particular, has been around for well over a decade and is one of the best choices available to meet your needs.

This is why a lot of people choose Rocketship Education and are finding it to be a great option for their own personal needs. There are a lot of people who know that Rocketship Education is there for their kids. You can visit the Rocketship Education site and learn more about the different programs that have been made available to you. Once you make this decision, it is just a matter of choosing this for yourself and knowing that it is a great choice for each and every one of your needs. You are going to love Rocketship Education and what it can do for your kids, so be sure to consider this amazing school and see if it is a good choice for your kids as it has for so many other children.

The true benefit of choosing Rocketship Education is that the programs are available to kids all over the country. This means that you are able to quickly and easily make this decision and know that your child is going to receive an education that they need to get a good head start in life. If you would like to begin signing your child up for one of their programs, it is time to consider Rocketship Education and get on their site for more information.

The Successful Real Estate Investor – Jose Auriemo Neto

Where Jose Auriemo Neto began

Jose Auriemo Neto is real estate investor in Brazil whereby he heads JSHF Company. The company was first established as a construction company under the name JHS, by two brothers Fabio and Jose Robert Auriemo in 1972. The name JHSF was incorporated in 199O after the company split and Fabio Auriemo made it a real estate firm. Mr. Neto took over the company in 1993, and under his leadership, the company grew to be a market leader in the real estate sector. The company now specializes in the development and innovation of the executive and world-class construction of buildings. This includes the development of classy hotels and restaurants, buildings that include commercial and residential, and shopping centers among others.

Mr. Neto’s Growth of the JHSF Company

Jose Auriemo Neto started by establishing a service department in 1997 when he created a parking lot management company Parkbem. Further, Mr. Neto developed a shopping center department in 1998 for specialization on shopping malls. He began the process when he gained the rights to develop the company’s first mall.Further, in 2001 Mr. Neto’s company pioneered the development of the first shopping mall in Brazil known as the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Today is its portfolio includes four more shopping centers including Shopping Bela Vista, Shopping Ponta Negra, Shopping Cidade Jardim, and Catarina Fashion Outlet.

Equally important, apart from the development stylish shopping malls in Brazil, Mr. Neto also led the company in establishment of an executive airport in Sao Paulo in 2016. Furthermore, JHSF has gone beyond its borders where it has real estate developments in New York in the United States and Uruguay. In addition, with Jose Auriemo Neto as the CEO and chairman of JHSF, the company has prospered to be one of the biggest and profitable businesses in the real estate sector in Brazil.

Todd Lubar on Business and Smart Homes

Todd Lubar is famous in the business community leading the corporation TDL Global Ventures LLC as their President. He is additionally serving as Senior Vice President at the international company of Legendary Investments.



Based in Potomac, Maryland, Todd Lubar is working in the business as well as in philanthropy. He is at the forefront of charitable contributions in the area. Todd Lubar started his career in finance but later started working in the business of real estate. Helping people find a good home and being a family is his goal and passion. It provides people with relief and perspective which is what he wants his career to be all about. Check out Yelp for more.



After he graduated from the Syracuse University, the start of his career took Todd Lubar into banking where he did mostly mortgage banking and construction banking. He worked at several financial institutions before he started venturing into the industry of real estate investments and mortgage originating about twenty years ago. Todd Lubar was listed among the top 22 mortgage originators in the United States of America. For more details visit Crunchbase.



According to Ideamensch, the idea to start up the TDL Global Ventures LLC came to Todd Lubar came up with a program for people who want to receive a credit to fulfill their dreams of a home. That idea grew to become what TDL Global Ventures is today, and it all came from his desire to help. Todd Lubar is a family man who finds the greatest value in spending time with his kids and wife. Todd wants to help others achieve the same.



At work, Todd Lubar fuses on keeping up with news about his line of work which often gives him ideas about what to do next. Staying organized is a priority as well because it has helped him distribute work and achieve results faster.



Something that excites Todd is the aspect of technology and the concept of a smart home. He believes that people should start embracing the idea little by little and find what would help them in their daily lives. Improving the home through technology also allows for security checks, controlling the heat and light from the phone.



Fabletics’ Growth Has Not Occurred Out of a Vacuum

There is a new trend in marketing. Smart brands like Fabletics are tapping into it, and it is time for you to start tapping into it too by following Fabletics’ example.


Throughout the history of marketing, word of mouth has always been a strong factor when it comes to growth and sales. People will not only start flocking to your store when people are talking about you in a positive way, but when people who encounter your store for the first time make an inquiry of their friends and neighbors, they will hear so much about how good your store is, provided that you actually have a good store, and then they will buy from you.


However, in the age of the internet, things are different. They are not different in theory, only in practice. In theory, word of mouth and positive recommendations are also important. However, these things are not going on in the general marketplace anymore. Rather, they are going on on the internet.


That is the power of online reviews. First of all, online reviews will cause your site to start ranking higher. This is similar to word of mouth. The more people see your site in the search engines, the more visitors your website will have. This means you will have more sales and revenue.


The same can be said for positive recommendations. Instead of asking their friends and neighbors, people now do a Google search. This Google search is the first step for them when they want to find out whether or not a product is worth their time and money. If you have positive reviews online like Fabletics does, then they will make a decision to purchase your product. If you have negative reviews, however, they will probably make the decision not to purchase your product, and they may even end up making the decision to purchase a competitor’s product instead. Even if you have no reviews at all online, they may become suspicious and think that nobody is really buying your product, for if they were there would have been a lot of reviews, and since nobody is buying your product, there must be a reason for it.


It has been proven that positive reviews impact your sales and conversions tremendously. You just have to look at Fabletics to see an example of this. Fabletics has seen a growth rate of over two hundred percent. This has not happened out of a vacuum. Instead, it is the result of their strategy to accumulate more reviews on the internet.


Kate Hudson is also a strong factor in their success. This famous actress has been able to bring Fabletics into the public eye in a good light. She is also working behind the scenes to make every part of Fabletics better. If you want to get started, you should take the Fabletics quiz right away.

How Hussain Sajwani has prospered in the Real Estate Business

Hussain’s year of birth is not clear but it is thought to be either 1952 or 1953. His father was an entrepreneur who sold goods from China. Out of his experience with his dad, Hussain got interested in business. Learn more about James Larkin: and

Luckily, Sajwani acquired a scholarship from the government. He was among the few students sponsored by the government to study in the US. He enrolled at the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

After graduating, Sajwani got a job in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries where he worked in the finance department. After two years in his career, Hussain ventured into catering. This idea was a success and he got contracts with the U.S Military and Bechtel. The venture acquired a new name, Global Logistic Services and it is still offering services until date.

Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties in 2002. He acts as the Chairman and the CEO of the firm, It is located in Dubai. The company has grown tremendously and it is among the biggest development companies in the Middle East.

Over the years, DAMAC has successfully completed 19,000 apartments. It has more than 43,000 units that are under development.

DAMAC Properties have contributed to numerous development projects. Among them is the golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods. The Trump Organization managed this project. The firm has developed luxury apartments with the interior designed by Versace and Fendi, Luxury villas designed by Bugatti. DAMAC Properties also collaborated with Paramount Pictures in the construction of Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties have supported various philanthropic activities. They include Dubai Cares, Emirates Red Crescent, and Dar Al Ber Society. Sajwani believes in being selfless therefore supporting others has been a routine for him and his family.

DAMAC Properties has helped Sajwani in educating the youth and preparing them for jobs that are likely to come up in future. Sajwani is also focused on making the lives of the community in the Arab region better and wishes to contribute to His Highness project.

Samuel Strauch: Transforming The Real Estate Sector In Miami Beach, FL

The real estate sector in Miami Beach, FL was traditionally developed for a few rich people. The sector was characterized by beach homes and vacation rentals. Over the years, however, there has been a shift from that to accommodate residential homes. This is what Samuel Strauch advocated for when starting off his career in real estate.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a graduate from the Hofstra University, where he studied and obtained his degree in business. He is also a graduate from the universities of Rotterdam and Harvard. While he started his career in banking, he decided to work for his family’s real estate business afterwards. He later decided to establish his own business in South Florida, which he launched in 2002.

Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a real estate investor, and through his Metrik Real Estate, he has helped in developing the South Florida real estate sector. He has also helped homeowners to get financing to enable them to own property. With the help of his international network of investors and clients, he has contributed to the development of Miami Beach as a fully-fledged metropolis.

His company’s success is measured by how many projects Samuel Strauch has successfully implemented. In order to bring his ideas to life, Strauch is a believer in creative thinking. He also believes in using available technology to make your business a success. As a way of staying productive, Strauch loves to meditate. He is also a believer in staying open-minded when dealing with business ideas.

Georgoe Soros Keeps Promoting Leftism

This world is full of mighty people who are so powerful that their enemies look upon them with fear and dread. They alone have the influence necessary to stop their enemies in their tracks. These frightening people cause politicians to scan the congressional voting room before proposing an idea that they know could get shot down. One such dominating presence is George Soros, a guy who became known to political forums for his left-leaning liberal ideology.

George Soros has been this kind of enemy to the GOP since his youth. Soros worked low wage jobs as a rail porter and a waiter but somehow made enough money to fund his way through the London School of Economics. This is where he acquired proficiency in the basics of Economics and Finance.

The wisdom he obtained at the London School of Economics would serve him well when he started his hedge fund, the Soros Management Fund. He ran this management fund with such skill that it eventually began managing hundreds of billions of dollars and raised his net worth to 25.2 billion US dollars.

His hatred towards right became more and more evident when he started funding left-leaning campaigns through his Open Society Foundation nonprofit. The examples included him funding a jaw-dropping 27 million US dollars to the Democratic Party in 2004 to prevent George W. Bush from remaining in the Oval Office. When this didn’t work, and George W. Bush won, Soros concocted a few new ideas to halt the Republican president.

After Bush completed his term, Soros needed a new man to lead his liberal agenda and backed Illinois’ Senator Barrack Obama. After placing all his faith in Obama, he repented of this decision when Obama failed to pass the liberal policies he had in mind.

After learning from his experience, once Obama completed his tenure, Soros backed Clinton against Trump. This backing was a culmination of faith in Clinton and hatred towards Trump. There is nothing about Trump which Soros likes, and he is passionate in his hatred for Trump. To add to Trump’s misery, he donated 25 million US dollar to Clinton’s campaign. In a repeat of what had happened in 2004, all his efforts were of no avail as Trump won the battle. But this didn’t make Soros silent or any less active in making life miserable for Trump.

Soros used the Open Society Foundation be to begin moving vast amounts of wealth to Super PACs meant to stop the Trump regime. These Super PACs were a coalition of Immigrants Voters Win, Pac Planned Parenthood Votes,, and Black Lives Matter.

Soros also used the Open Society Foundation to fund, promote, and organize a march for women’s rights the day after Trump was inaugurated. This march has been called the pink hat women’s march, and it stretched all the way around the globe.

Arguably, Soros is one of the most adamant and extremely stubborn personalities the United States has ever seen.

Securus Technology; Aide to Law Enforcement Officials

Founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technology Company works with over 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states in the United States serving over one million inmates. Public safety, monitoring prisoner’s calls, provision of criminal and civil justice technology and prevention of inmate-to-inmate crimes are its main areas of operation.


Embracing the use of technology by Correctional Facilities in preventing and solving crimes in their institutions in conjunction with Securus Technology, it has become easier to achieve this. Richard Smith, the Chairman, and C.E.O of Securus says that consistency has been a key attribute to their success as they develop at least one new product a week to assist correctional officers and law enforcement agencies in solving and preventing crimes. “It is in our DNA to build safety into what we do” adds C.E.O Richard Smith.


Those that use Securus products attest to their efficiency and quality of service with remarkable results. Millions of illegal assets, cash and drugs have been seized with the use of Securus Technology in conjunction with local law enforcement and correctional officials. With its monitoring capabilities, Securus has aided in the pre-emption of incidences of insecurity across correctional facilities. A corrections officer was arrested trying to sneak in contrabands into a prison after information from his phone using Securus allowed authorities to get a search warrant for his home.


Monitoring an inmate’s call using Securus has exposed groups and civilians who sneak in drugs, alcohol and also those that issue threats to another inmate or member of the public. A civilian was arrested for selling prescription drugs to prisoners, and a past shooting incidence was solved with the use of Securus Technology. The Partnership between Correctional Officials, Law Enforcement Agencies and Securus Technology continue to provide top-notch security solutions making everyone’s work easier.


The Story behind the Success of Dr. Mark McKenna in the Medical Aesthetics Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor who completed his education and acquired a master from Tulane University Medical School. He is a licensed practitioner in Medicine and Surgery by both Louisiana and Georgia State Boards of Medical Examiners. Dr. McKenna is originally from New Orleans, Los Angeles.

After finishing the medical training, he practiced medicine with his father and also launched McKenna Venture Investments. As time went by, he also acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. Dr. McKenna is very good at what he does and boasts of over a decade’s experience in the medical aesthetics industry.

The Hurricane Katrina that took place on the 29th of August 2005 destroyed most parts of New Orleans City. McKenna’s business ventures were all gone. However, he stayed and participated in the rebuilding of the city after the storm through the establishment of middle-income and low-income housing. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and established Shape Medical Wellness Center (ShapeMed).

He helped ShapeMed achieve Black Diamond status Distinctions that Allergan, Inc. sponsored. The award goes to excellent performers in the medical aesthetics category. Life Time Fitness bought ShapeMed on November 1st, 2014 and Dr. McKenna served Life Time Fitness as their National Medical Director until 2016.

In July 2017, Dr. McKenna founded OVME becoming the Chief Executive Officer as well. OVME is a consumer-oriented and technology-driven medical aesthetic firm that is out to redefine elective healthcare. Dr. McKenna is devoted to offering his patients with the most advanced and efficient medical solution. His wife is Gianine McKenna, and they have two kids. Dr. McKenna has previously sat on the boards of the New Orleans Industrial Development and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Currently, he is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Dr. McKenna believes in setting goals and practicing visualization. He enjoys meditating in a quiet place and is an avid reader. According to him, the secret to success is surrounding you with individuals smarter than you. A prospective business idea he thinks is very viable if the conversion of retail brick and mortar cryptocurrency into cash.