Article Recap of Orange Coast College

On September 14, 2017, the Los Angeles Times published an article titled, “Orange Coast College debuts new $7.5-million recycling center“.


The article details how the new facility occupies about five acres and is located off of Adams Avenue, near the northern edge of the campus. The old facility only occupied around an acre. The new one also has features such as a first aid room, conference room, showers, over forty parking spaces, and more. Its construction took about a year and four months, amounting to sixteen months in total. Learn more:


Orange Coast College’s recycling program has existed for more than 45 years.


The article details how the recycling program has drawn in people from all across the region and all the various material that they accept as well as materials it does not accept. The recycling center has been praised by the mayor and others. This article also details the various places that funded the building of the new recycling center.


Orange Coast College was founded in 1947.


In total, the campus occupies 164 acres and is one of the nation’s largest community colleges. After all, they enroll over 20,000 students per year. They also feature some of the most advanced, state of the art technology to enhance the education and learning ability of each student.


As the name implies, it is located in Orange County, California.


Orange Coast College is the third largest college in the county and their mission is to provide an inexpensive education to any student who desires to attend. A number of notable people have attended OCC, including actress Diane Keaton and politician Ross Johnson. Learn more: