Auditing Fort Knox: Does US Money Reserve Have the Last Gold in America?

Regular financial audits are a normal thing for most corporations. Of course, Americans also want to know how much they have in their treasure chest: Fort Knox. This is run by the US Mint and is the nation’s official precious metals depository.


As a part of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, the US Mint released its “Fort Knox Audit Documentation.” Was there any gold left in Fort Knox or is the US Money Reserve, the only place in America, which still has gold?


“Plenty of Gold at US Mint”


The “Financial Times” had said on February 11, 2017 that “much of the world’s excavated gold is thought to be in Fort Knox, but nobody can be sure, since the US government will not allow the auditors in.” According to the aforementioned released document, the “2016 US Official Gold Reserves” included 147,341,858 troy ounces of gold. That is quite a lot.


When the “World Gold Council” totaled all of the gold on Planet Earth on February 2, 2017, it showed that the United States had about 20% of the gold. The good news is that the US Mint has access to this and sends it products to the US Money Reserve for sale.


“Increasing Gold Demand”


All of this interest in the precious metal is great for those who own gold. Do you own gold? Would you like to own gold, like Fort Knox does?


Well, you can find numerous gold coins on the improved US Money Reserve website. The company realized that due to high demand, they needed to provide an easier way for investors to add the precious metal to their estates.


“Former US Mint Director Runs US Money Reserve”


The US Money Reserve is run by a former US Mint Director. Thus, they receive regular coin shipments from the US Mint. It might be one of the top retailers of these gold coins, with 500,000 satisfied customers.


There is plenty of gold in the hands of the US Mint. You can also check the user-friendly US Money Reserve website to add gold to your wealth portfolio.


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