Growth Versus Profits in the Small Business World

The daunting task in 2016 for owners of Handy, a house-cleaning startup with headquarters in New York City, was to rethink how they were to remain profitable in a changing small business world. CEO Oisin Hanrahan, and his co-founder, Umang Dua, decided to try an online application for finding home cleaners in their 28 of their markets. As this plan dwindled and profits fell, they had to reconsider how much they focused on their growth and more on how to keep future funding. They initially thought that implementing the online on boarding strategy for new cleaners in all of the company would save them millions in the long run. However, less cleaners were coming on board with the team and there was still high demand for the service. After cutting their spending habits, laying off workers, and weighing the pros and cons of using automated machines versus humans, the company finally started to see some progress. They had to pull back from expanding to more markets, and focus instead on strengthening the assets they already had. To their advantage, one of their competitors went out of business, removing the competition as they maneuvered through their transition. With the removal of a competitor did not have to focus on expanding their service across more markets and this helped them to focus more internally.  In the end, Handy was able to find the cleaners more jobs, the customers had less complaints, and there was less need for recruiting more cleaners. It may have been a difficult way to switch from growth to profitability, but Handy came out on top, and perhaps learned a valuable lesson.



Crime In the Quincy?

When will Crime End In the Quincy?
Quincy is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Quincy has seen its fair share of shootings over the past couple of years. Many news outlets writing about the incidents in the area have called it a ‘crime Hub.’ It is an outlook that is not good for the residents in the area. There has been some serious criminal activity in the area in recent times. One occurred a few years ago.A delivery man had stopped by the Quincy Circle to deliver pizza to an apartment in the N building. The owner of the house told the delivery man that he had not ordered any pizza. The man was approached by three males from behind as he headed back to his truck. The guys said that the pizza was theirs and they were the ones who had ordered it. One of the guys produced a gun and aimed it at the head of the delivery guy as he returned from the back of the car with the pizza. He then asked the man to give them all his money. The suspects made away with his money, pizza, and his wallet before escaping to a parking lot where they all got into a car and fled.

Another case occurred late last year at the New Brunswick Apartments. The police claim that the incident took place at around 9:30 PM. The police were summoned to the area after multiple gunshots were heard in the area. At least one person got injured. He was rushed to hospital in a privately owned vehicle. The vehicle was a Honda.

The New Brunswick Apartments’ complex has more than 200 units. It is situated opposite the Rutgers University Police Department. The victim reported to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital a few moments after the shooting occurred. His wound was not life-threatening. He got immediate medical attention. The suspect had disappeared from the scene before the police arrived. Eyewitness reports described him as a male who was wearing a hoodie. The suspect was seen moving into Neilsen Street. Police went back to the scene later after previously undiscovered bullet shell casings were found at the scene.

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Things to Consider when Hiring an Event Planner

Everyone wants to have a successful event. However, organizing one can be very challenging if you do not get enough help. To impress your guests, it is crucial to hire an experienced professional event planner who will walk with you in the whole process. If you decide to hire the wrong person, you will end up with serious problems. Considerer these factors when hiring an external event planner for your special occasion:


Get the professional only through professional associations

If you start organizing an event, your first step should analyzing the objectives. After this, then you can hire the event planner via professional qualifications. No matter the type of event you will be having, this rule shouldn’t change. The planner should be able to meet your expectations if they are well qualified and experienced.


Interview three qualified professionals

During the interview, explain all your expectations so that you can understand their expertise. These individuals should provide all the details about their past experiences, the event they specialize in and any other information that will prove to be helpful. During these interviews, listen to the candidates careful so that you choose the best.


Provide the details of the event

After getting a true professional for the occasion, you will realize that they will want to walk with you in each and every step. Your timeline, the budget, number of guests and personal preferences will be the first priority in the planner’s list. If possible, it is advisable to give these details to your planner in person so that they understand everything well.


Today, there are several event planning companies in NYC that have been started. Twenty Three Layers is one of the most reputable event planners in NYC, and they will ensure that you enjoy the best services. The professionals employed by the organization are experienced in what they do, and you will not have an opportunity to complain. The services are also very affordable to the consumers who need them.




Christopher Burch Connects Fashion With Technology

Christopher Burch is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, and founder of more than 50 companies. Currently, he is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch’s 40 years of experience has given him vast knowledge in the areas of fashion, real estate, hospitality, financial sector, and technology. He began his career in business in 1976 while still studying at Ithaca College. He collaborated with his brother and started Eagles Eye apparel; an investment that they started with $2,000 grew rapidly to $165 million of revenue before its acquisition by the Swire Group.

Burch’s investment portfolios

Christopher Burch’s company has a broad range of investment portfolios. Some of the brands include Nihiwatu, C Wonder, Cocoon 9, Poppin, Trademark, and ED by Ellen DeGenerates. Burch is well known for his ability to combine creativity, direct source experience, and a good understanding of consumers in running Burch Creative Capital. He has affiliations with consumer and lifestyles companies such as Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Soludos, and BaubleBar. Additionally, Burch is an active investor in luxury homes and resorts in the country and internationally.

Christopher’s take on fashion and technology

Christopher Burch has great interests in the fashion and technology industry. According to, Burch states that there is a correlation between the fashion and technology meaning that the growth of one of the sector contributes to the development of the other. Use of technology has brought developments from the boom box used in the 70s to the iPods in the 21st century that are fashionable. Growth in technology also increases the unique possibilities in the fashion, for example, the inventions of the drink-making dress.

The correlation between fashion and technology

Fashion designers intend to use technology in future to develop different protective brands in the industry. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin used technology in developing an airbag for a cyclist that they wear around their necks to protect against impact on their head. Their ability to recycle the waste products, for example, the inner tubes of bicycles to make t-shirts and jackets promote a sustainable environment.

Other inventions in the fashion industry have seen the inclusion of technology in the manufacture of a shoe that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy when one is in motion. Sometimes, the technological industry relies on the fashion industry to display their advancements and latest styles and trends in the market. Therefore, a good relationship between the two industries would create a creative and protective environment for all.


Founder of Swiss Start Up Factory Mike Baur

Swiss businessperson Mike Baur is currently the co founder of a unique company called Swiss Start Up Factory. The company specializes in helping entrepreneurs start their companies and work towards making it successful. Baur’s company helps these companies by giving them mentoring and financial support. As a unique company, Swiss Start Up Factory has helped a number of entrepreneurs in Switzerland fulfill their dreams. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike Baur is also an investor in which he has spent time putting money into a variety of start up companies. At the beginning of his career, Mike worked in banking in which he would regularly assist businesspeople on how to start up their company as well as giving them the financing they need.


Mike Baur started his career as a traditional employee in banking. While working in the banking industry, Baur would accumulate a lot of knowledge about business as well as experience dealing with entrepreneurs. On a frequent basis, Mike would meet with businesspeople and talk to them about their goals. In many instances, these business leaders would tell him that they need funding for their startup or to expand their companies. Baur would listen to their feedback and look for ways to help them in the form of loans and financing. With this particular experience, Mike would learn what companies need in order to reach their goals. This helped put together the foundation for his new business idea.


Baur would work in the banking industry for over twenty years and eventually move on to investing in startups. With this endeavor, he would spend his money on businesses that were looking to launch in the immediate future. This led to him making a considerable amount of money which allowed him to realize how lucrative investing in start ups was. He would use this experience to begin starting up his new company Swiss Start Up Factory.


Recently, Mike Baur put together an innovative business model that serves as an alternative to traditional banking and consulting. He founded Swiss Start Up Factory which helps a number of businesses form as well as improve their chances of success. The company holds events which allow numerous entrepreneurs to present their business idea to Mike. He then evaluates the business ideas and chooses the ones that he believes have the most potential for success. Once he selects a business, Mike provides assistance such as mentoring and financing. He will help businesses with advice on how to operate their company and get them the money necessary to grow and expand.



The Magnises Black Metal Membership Card Opens Doors To Another Millennial Reality

It’s no secret. Millennials are different. People in their 20s and 30s, eat differently, bank differently, work differently, and most of all, look at life differently. The baby boomers don’t understand Millennials even though the boomers are responsible for bringing these hybrid humans into the world. The word on the street is the social, economic and political arenas on that were mainstays in the Baby Boomer era are on their way out. What’s incoming is still somewhat of a mystery, but Millennials aren’t worried about the mystery because worry is not a word that means very much to them.

The sociologists say Millennials were influenced by the 2008 Great Recession, and that is part of the reason for their quirky habits. The mistrust that Millennials have for the banking, retail, and political systems is the direct result of the recession, but there is another factor that makes Millennials act differently. Millennials believe they create their own experiences. That is the premise that 25-year-old Billy McFarland built his member-only club, Magnises, on in 2014. McFarland is the techy guy that started Spling, the online platform that companies like Discover and other online companies use for digital acquisition and optimization. Because of the success of Spling, McFarland was able to raise $3 million in venture capital to start Magnises.

Read more: Magnises, a private club for elite millennials, is now offering its members access to swanky nightclubs and hotel stays for $79 a night

McFarland started Magnises in New York, Washington, and San Francisco. The plan is to expand the black metal members club card to London, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. So Far, Magnises has 12,000 members that pay the $250 annual membership fee to receive the perks that Magnises offers them. Some of those perks are deals on cars, shoes, and clothing as well as great seats at special events and table reservations at trendy restaurants. Magnises also acts as a concierge for the fashion, tech, and finance Millennials that need help with an assortment of fun things.

Since the Magnises member base seems to travel more than typical Millennials, Magnises offers a $79 a night room rate at Dream Hotel locations, and Magnises offers a $65 a month ClubPass to members if they want to go to the hottest clubs on in New York and San Francisco. Magnises is able to offer these special deals because McFarland negotiated special prices with the companies that want to tap into the Millennial market. In fact, Magnises is making money because of the deals that were made with the partners that host special events for members.

Magnises gives members the opportunity to have fun in a Millennial reality that is free from the Gen-Xers and baby boomers that cramp their style. Style is an important word in the Millennial market. It means life without the typical restrictions that have made life miserable for their parents’ generation. McFarland doesn’t consider himself the Hugh Hefner of the Millennial generation, but in a way he is that kind of guy. In other words, he’s an entrepreneur with insight, vision, and a great concept.

Kevin Seawright’s Impact on The Comminity

There are a lot of people who are passionate about helping others. However, few people have made the impact that Kevin Seawright has during the course of his life. He is someone who is excited about what the future holds, especially with all of his charity work coming to fruition.

There are many people who want to get involved in local charity events. Kevin Seawright has spent most of his life helping people get out of poverty. He believes that people can succeed financially and with their career if they have intense focus with it. He is a great example of the impact that just one person can make on a community.

Kevin Seawright

When he was in college, Kevin Seawright started to get involved in his local community helping others. This is one of the things that sets him apart from other people doing the same thing he does.

Unlike a lot of others, he does not do charity work for the recognition. He is all about getting the work done quickly, and helping others during the process. He is responsible for helping thousands of people get into a better economic situation than they are in now. Kevin Seawright is a great example of how much one person can change a community.


One of the most important parts of having financial success is investing. However, few people have the extra money to invest for their future. This is where Kevin Seawright likes to spend his time training other people.

Most people can make a huge difference in their finances just by changing a couple of things about their current life. Kevin Seawright has been able to help a lot of people get to the next level in their life through simple advice and planning.

Hiring Professionals For Your Online Reputation Management Needs



Are you looking for a reliable reputation management system? Do you want to hire the services of a qualified team of professionals? When your online reputation get ruined, you need to take appropriate steps to get the situation under control and rebuild your image.


These days, millions of people go on the web to search for information about products and firms and other items that interest them. The information they find directly has an effect on what and how consumers think of us. This is especially true of business organizations. If you are a company person or an organization manager, make sure you know how your organization is being portrayed on the internet.


Many business people have no clue what people think about their organization or brand. Reputation issue can occur at any time, and it’s advisable to be prepared and ready to address it when it happens. As a business person or professional, it will happen and it’s a matter of when.


A negative review, or bad statement, can hurt your chances of gaining clients and clients, while a good review can create impressive sales and boost revenue in your business.


If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or company executive, it is extremely important to utilize effective ways to monitor and manage your reputation online. It is imperative to consult with a renowned reputation management firm like Fix Search Results.


When it comes to online reputation, you should have a reliable system in place if you want to have an impressive result. Companies need to get in touch with reputation management experts, to get assistance in protecting their business from online threats and reputation issues.


Fix Search Results offers great services to businesses that need effective reputation management systems in place. The firm has been around for many years and is considered a top-rated reputation management service provider. Their range of services include reputation monitoring, reputation repair and reputation management. The experts at Fix Search Results can help in suppressing negative reviews and pushing up positive reviews in search results.  Contact an online reputation repair expert by visiting the website here:

Chris Burch-Revolutionizing the Fashion and Technology Industry

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for the fashion, hospitality, and technology industries. Burch’s current investments include Trademark, a clothing business by his two daughters.

Chris Burch ( was born and raised in Pennsylvania and suffered from severe attention deficit disorder as a child. His parents enrolled him in the Tilton prep school, New Hampshire at 14 and several years down the lane; Burch came back to gift the school with 1.3 million dollars.
Burch worked in construction during summer and after school while in junior school. Burch spent most of his young days pushing heavy wheelbarrows something he later changed while in college. Burch sold preppy girl’s sweaters and together with his brother started an apparel company, Eagle’s Eye. Since launching this venture, Burch has spent almost 40 years in entrepreneurship and investment. He has participated in the launch and growth of over fifty companies while building a personal brand in the industries.
Through the years both the technology and fashion industry have seen many changes with the only constant being growing together. Technology has become more fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. The journey of growth for the two is an interesting one, and we can also expect more to come in the future.
The Past, Present, and Future
Technology grows with the popularity of what people consider fashionable. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, views technology as a playground which is a point for experimenting. It gives you more possibilities as you dive deeper.
Fashions advance through the use of technology to protect us. The airbag and helmets are just examples of fashion items married with technology to shield our heads from impact. Designers are into the recycling of materials to create fantastic styles. Inner bicycle tubes are now creating jackets and shirts. Fashion and technology work together to create energy. Movement can change to electrical power meaning new clothes can capture the kinetic energy.Find Chris Burch on Engadget for more information.

Getting Recognition For Good Work

In a recent PR World Awards ceremony, Darius Fisher was named business development individual of the year. There are a lot of good reasons for that. There are a lot of characteristics of award winning business running. Therefore, it is important that the business owner meets a good amount of these characteristics in order to win this award. Being a business development professional of the year involves having a mind for service. If the business individual is trying to win an award, then he will likely miss the boat because the focus should not be on the award that he is trying to win. It should be more on the service of the customer.

Darius Fisher has built a business that is based on service towards his clients. He has a heart for clients that go well beyond the minimum requirements. He is willing to check up on his clients and make sure that they are not only satisfied, but are in good hands. Where the client would be satisfied with 9 miles, Darius Fisher will make sure that he has the service that he needs so that he won’t need anything later on.

Another reason that Darius Fisher is considered one of the business development individuals of the year is that his business is centered around developing businesses. He works towards building the reputation of businesses so that it can bring in more customers. Therefore, people who are trying to start a company will do well to consult Darius Fisher and his Status Labs company. Each client of various sizes will develop their company into a successful one.