Calm as Squaw Valley Resort Handles the Water Situation

Water is among the most useful commodities in the world for human beings, animals, and plants. It’s ,thus, a life supporting and lifesaving drink that can get one going for days without having anything else to eat. That being said, water should be the most protected drink, and should always be in a safe state if it is open for people to drink.


The water condition at Squaw Valley had been compromised due to heavy rains and storms that had affected the region. Some of their water storage facilities got contaminated. The water was reported to have the E. coli bacteria and coliform bacteria. Since the case was reported, water has been treated and the wells that supply the upper part of the Ski Mountains is now improving. There are no instances of medical emergencies that have been reported. The skiers are advised not to drink any water from the resort until the safety of the water is approved by the relevant authorities. Skiing activities are still going on as long as the people observe the warning of avoiding the contaminated water.


In its statement, the Squaw water resort management said that the storm was responsible for contamination of the water facilities, specifically the High Camp and the Gold Coast storage. The contaminated water was only confined to these storage, not the entire facilities. There’s also no point when people used water from these two facilities.

After the ski management had gone through their regular check and inspection, they noticed the contamination and reported the matter to the relevant authorities. The two authorities in charge were Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Other top experts on water safety have also been contacted to help in making the water safe for consumption.


Squaw Resort prioritizes on the safety of their customers, and the affected sections will remain closed until the issue is completely resolved. Meanwhile, the ski facility is offering all guests with bottled safe water for drinking. The resort is very grateful for the support they have received from the Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in handling this delicate matter.