Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Advances Brazil’s Automotive Industry

Boris Feldman is a journalists who specializes in motor racing and vehicles. He hosts a radio show that airs on stations across Brazil. Businessman Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was the subject of a recent talk show. Boris Feldman references a 2012 article written about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He generates the most buzz of anyone in the Brazilian automotive industry. Dr. Carlos Alberto sold and imported vehicles, and also went as far to set up a factory in Anapolis.

Not many people, outside the country, think of Brazil as having a robust auto industry. All that is changing for Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a medical doctor who became an entrepreneur. It was in 1979 he bought a distressed car dealership. He currently heads the board of his company, CAOA.

Today, his company is the largest Ford Dealership in Brazil. His company also produces Hyundai models and kept the Chinese as partners during its growth stages. Dr. Carlos owns Subaru and Hyundai dealerships as well. His CAOA factory also produces Tucson SUVs and the Tucson iX35. Add to the list HR and HD80 trucks, which are products the company produces at its CAOA assembly plant. His company has sold more than one million vehicles in Brazil.

In the opnion of Boris Feldman, there is one main individual responsible for rewriting Brazil’s automotive history. Before Dr. Carlos, a big factory was non-existent in the country. There were other individuals who attempted something similar, but without success. Those companies could never make an impact and close their doors.

Boris Feldman also points out that Brazil does have a sophisticated aeronautical industry, and that the auto industry should have never lagged behind. The technology and ability is there, and the aeronautical industry is proof. The person who is likely to bring the Brazilian auto industry up to par is Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade.