Talkspace: A Therapy Mobile App

Talkspace is a mobile and online therapy company that connects its uses to a licensed therapist through a mobile app. Roni and Oren Frank founded the company in 2012. Talkspace has its headquarters in New York City. In 2018 the online therapy company appointed Neil Leibowitz as its chief executive officer.

Relationship with Michael Phelps

Since its inception Talkspace has helped numerous people to cope with depression and anxiety. One such person is Michael Phelps. He was one of the most successful athletes in the globe and 28 times medalist world champion. While one out four people suffers from mental health globally, 56% do not access treatment. It was after Michael realized that he could not handle anxiety and depression alone that he decided to seek a therapist.

Currently, Michael has liaised with Talkspace online therapy to encourage people to seek therapy. It is easier to save your life by seeking mental health support through Talkspace. In fact, over one million people have tried it since it’s convenient, confidential, and affordable. You can send audio, videos or pictures through Talkspace mobile app or web browser. Since therapy has helped one of the greatest athletes in the world you can rest assured that it can help you too.


With 11-50 employees Talkspace offers services in Healthcare, psychology, therapeutics, and consultations. Clients can access therapy services from a professional therapist anytime and anywhere in the world without any need for appointments. Talkspace conducted over 10 rounds of funding raising a total of $59 million. It has 12 investors including Softbank and La Maison Compagnie Investissement.

Talkspace app has 44,562 monthly downloads where the most popular apps include Medix-Digital emotional therapy, Talkspace online therapy, and Talkspace counseling and therapy. Similarly, Talkspace ranks number 80, 461 on the website list thanks to about 874, 983 web visitors each month. Its annual revenue is $1.8 million hence competing with likes of Health Tap and MDLIVE.


Talkspace has been experiencing tremendous growth. Thanks to the leadership and advice from the 5 members board. Ease of use, secure, multimedia and compliant to confidentiality features makes Talkspace endeared to clients. It is worth saying that Talkspace has revolutionalized therapy and health sector.