Fabletics’ Growth Has Not Occurred Out of a Vacuum

There is a new trend in marketing. Smart brands like Fabletics are tapping into it, and it is time for you to start tapping into it too by following Fabletics’ example.


Throughout the history of marketing, word of mouth has always been a strong factor when it comes to growth and sales. People will not only start flocking to your store when people are talking about you in a positive way, but when people who encounter your store for the first time make an inquiry of their friends and neighbors, they will hear so much about how good your store is, provided that you actually have a good store, and then they will buy from you.


However, in the age of the internet, things are different. They are not different in theory, only in practice. In theory, word of mouth and positive recommendations are also important. However, these things are not going on in the general marketplace anymore. Rather, they are going on on the internet.


That is the power of online reviews. First of all, online reviews will cause your site to start ranking higher. This is similar to word of mouth. The more people see your site in the search engines, the more visitors your website will have. This means you will have more sales and revenue.


The same can be said for positive recommendations. Instead of asking their friends and neighbors, people now do a Google search. This Google search is the first step for them when they want to find out whether or not a product is worth their time and money. If you have positive reviews online like Fabletics does, then they will make a decision to purchase your product. If you have negative reviews, however, they will probably make the decision not to purchase your product, and they may even end up making the decision to purchase a competitor’s product instead. Even if you have no reviews at all online, they may become suspicious and think that nobody is really buying your product, for if they were there would have been a lot of reviews, and since nobody is buying your product, there must be a reason for it.


It has been proven that positive reviews impact your sales and conversions tremendously. You just have to look at Fabletics to see an example of this. Fabletics has seen a growth rate of over two hundred percent. This has not happened out of a vacuum. Instead, it is the result of their strategy to accumulate more reviews on the internet.


Kate Hudson is also a strong factor in their success. This famous actress has been able to bring Fabletics into the public eye in a good light. She is also working behind the scenes to make every part of Fabletics better. If you want to get started, you should take the Fabletics quiz right away.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Afraid to Battle with Amazon

The reason that most online clothing retailers are terrified to go battle with Amazon is because that retail giant will literally chew them up and spit them out. Look at Amazon from only a numbers standpoint, and you will discover they have been eating up 20 percent of the entire sales year to year, even though there are thousands in the same niche trying to reach the same customers. Once retailer apparently did not get that memo, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been unafraid to go toe to toe with Amazon.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million in their unique women’s apparel in only a few short years.


It is no small feat to be able to sell that much apparel while rubbing shoulder with Amazon, and Hudson is not shy about talking about why her company is breaking away from the pack and selling women’s active-wear in record numbers. Hudson says i addition to her rewarding membership perks package, her customer are able to enjoy the reverse showrooming process at their convenience. Now just look and see what is happening in the retail Fabletics shops at the mall, business might surprise some. Women are filling out a Lifestyle Quiz, getting their membership, and window-shopping, many leaving the store without making a single purchase.


How can any business do $250 million in sales under this type of business structure?


The answer is actually the key to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and it has to do with shopping online after the fact. While women are in the retail store trying on this athleisure brand, the items are being uploaded to the customer’s account online, allowing them to return when they have time to pick up where they stopped shopping. The online inventory at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is huge, so now that these women know what size they are, they hunt for new styles and colors to show off at the gym this weekend.


Whether these women want yoga pants, tank tops, or leggings, the online site has something for all. Now include a few other things into the membership package, like free shipping, discounted prices, and help from a personal shopper, and you can see why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not afraid to be doing battle with Amazon. In fact, Amazon may want to pay a little closer attention to Fabletics, because if things keep progressing as they are, there may be a new number one in the online women’s apparel market.

Fabletics Revolutionizes Online Trade

In the contemporary world, things are always improving, which in turn translates to development. The business sector isn’t left out either, as the spirit of competition among business people has led to the development of ingenious ways that they use to outdo each other. E-commerce helps to create incentives for different people, and it somehow helps to bridge the gap between clients and producers through necessitating the exchange of goods and services.


Fabletics is one of the online business that hasn’t been left out in as far as versatility is concerned in the digital market. It is an online business that is mainly focused on bridging the geographical differences between clients and producers. Despite sprouting up just recently, it has grown rapidly to great levels and it currently one of the largest online fashion business.


Kate Hudson is the CEO and founder of Fabletics, and her business has tremendously grown despite being availed recently. In as far as pollsters and business research goes, Fabletics has been the embodiment of a company that has risen from grass to grace. It has grossed over 250 million dollars in a span of only 3years. The success of Fabletics has not come on a silver platter but through clever strategy and market observation.


One of the primary strategies has been the use of subscription for services by clients. Due to its affordable and great deals, potential clients are required to subscribe to its channel. From then on-wards, they always get information including unbelievable deals through that platform. Additionally, the online lifestyle quiz helps clients to understand the most suitable products that they can purchase to achieve their desired personal fitness.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has managed to generate a daily growth of up to 25% regarding new customer attraction to its website. The other strategy that has been employed is known as the reverse showroom technique. The technique invests highly on the price value of products, making it cheaper to buy online than in person. Saving money is most people’s priority, and therefore, they almost never leave this chance slip out of their touch by signing up and making purchases online.


It doesn’t stop there, once potential clients are online and browsing through their tastes and preferences, the company captures the most visited products, and hence, it can deduce local market favorites so that it can invest heavily in those particular products.

The Excellence Of Securus Technologies

There are many reasons why people respect great companies that are leaders in their fields. It has to do with respect, and that is what people do with Securus Technologies, they respect them. This is because they are now publishing letters that were sent to the company in an effort to help solve crimes.


They have also invited the public to visit their complex in Dallas, TX for a presentation that will show them the latest technology that they are working on in order to make the world a safer place. During the presentation, the people will have the ability to ask questions, and they will learn so much about the company and what they do.


The company is the leader in the public safety field. The government contracts them all the time for help in their correction facilities. The company uses their technologies to prevent crimes among the inmates and the public. They are experts at what they do, and they constantly create new and better ways to deal with the civil and criminal sectors of justice on a weekly basis. As they progress into the future, the pubic will see more and more from them that will be beneficial. With a dedicated and exceptional staff, this company can do miraculous things that can be of huge importance to the world as a whole. The future of the world is important to this company, and they show this every day in what they do.

Fabletics Takes Off

These days, it’s not enough just to create a quality product at a good price and put it out in front of the people who are likely to want it. In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, other factors are coming into the mix, which means that startup brands, especially in the highly competitive fashion industry, are having are harder and harder time breaking through. The reality today is that Amazon now controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce industry, so when a new company breaks through, it’s really big news. Companies today are using new approaches to gaining consumer appeal, including offering last mile service and unique customer experiences to gain brand recognition.


Fabletics Takes Off With Active Fashion Enthusiasts


One of the new companies that is making serious inroads into the e-commerce fashion world is Fabletics. This activewear company was co-founded by film star Kate Hudson, who uses her athletic appeal and glamorous image to help publicize the brand. In just three years this innovative fashion brand has grown into a $250 million company, and it’s definitely making a name for itself, even in this highly competitive environment.


The Fabletics Difference


Underneath the fashionable image of the Fabletics brand is a savvy business approach. Hudson’s involvement in marketing the brand adds to its positive and “aspirational” appeal, which is focused on making users of the brand feel good about themselves and their commitment to living healthy and attractive lives.


Fabletics is a membership-driven company that asks its users to invest in a monthly subscription to the brand. Every month users get their choice of hand-picked ensembles put together by Hudson. These outfits are personalized after users fill out a quiz that lets Fabletics know what kind of lifestyle they have. This can involve questions regarding what kind of lifestyle they enjoy and what kind of activities they are involved in, like running, cycling or going to yoga classes.



One of the more attractive elements of this brand is its affordable price point. The company was created when its founders saw a need in the marketplace for active wear that is good looking enough to double as daytime wear, yet also comfortable and versatile. These are outfits that can be worn to the gym and then dressed up with a jacket and jewelry for a night or day out. All of this comes at a price point that makes it achievable for mothers and working women of all kinds.


This kind of marketing innovation is proving to be incredibly appealing, which is why Fabletics is really catching on, and giving Amazon a real run for the money.

Christopher Burch Connects Fashion With Technology

Christopher Burch is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, and founder of more than 50 companies. Currently, he is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch’s 40 years of experience has given him vast knowledge in the areas of fashion, real estate, hospitality, financial sector, and technology. He began his career in business in 1976 while still studying at Ithaca College. He collaborated with his brother and started Eagles Eye apparel; an investment that they started with $2,000 grew rapidly to $165 million of revenue before its acquisition by the Swire Group.

Burch’s investment portfolios

Christopher Burch’s company has a broad range of investment portfolios. Some of the brands include Nihiwatu, C Wonder, Cocoon 9, Poppin, Trademark, and ED by Ellen DeGenerates. Burch is well known for his ability to combine creativity, direct source experience, and a good understanding of consumers in running Burch Creative Capital. He has affiliations with consumer and lifestyles companies such as Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, Soludos, and BaubleBar. Additionally, Burch is an active investor in luxury homes and resorts in the country and internationally.

Christopher’s take on fashion and technology

Christopher Burch has great interests in the fashion and technology industry. According to engadget.com, Burch states that there is a correlation between the fashion and technology meaning that the growth of one of the sector contributes to the development of the other. Use of technology has brought developments from the boom box used in the 70s to the iPods in the 21st century that are fashionable. Growth in technology also increases the unique possibilities in the fashion, for example, the inventions of the drink-making dress.

The correlation between fashion and technology

Fashion designers intend to use technology in future to develop different protective brands in the industry. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin used technology in developing an airbag for a cyclist that they wear around their necks to protect against impact on their head. Their ability to recycle the waste products, for example, the inner tubes of bicycles to make t-shirts and jackets promote a sustainable environment.

Other inventions in the fashion industry have seen the inclusion of technology in the manufacture of a shoe that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy when one is in motion. Sometimes, the technological industry relies on the fashion industry to display their advancements and latest styles and trends in the market. Therefore, a good relationship between the two industries would create a creative and protective environment for all.


Chris Burch-Revolutionizing the Fashion and Technology Industry

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for the fashion, hospitality, and technology industries. Burch’s current investments include Trademark, a clothing business by his two daughters.

Chris Burch (Huffingtonpost.com) was born and raised in Pennsylvania and suffered from severe attention deficit disorder as a child. His parents enrolled him in the Tilton prep school, New Hampshire at 14 and several years down the lane; Burch came back to gift the school with 1.3 million dollars.
Burch worked in construction during summer and after school while in junior school. Burch spent most of his young days pushing heavy wheelbarrows something he later changed while in college. Burch sold preppy girl’s sweaters and together with his brother started an apparel company, Eagle’s Eye. Since launching this venture, Burch has spent almost 40 years in entrepreneurship and investment. He has participated in the launch and growth of over fifty companies while building a personal brand in the industries.
Through the years both the technology and fashion industry have seen many changes with the only constant being growing together. Technology has become more fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. The journey of growth for the two is an interesting one, and we can also expect more to come in the future.
The Past, Present, and Future
Technology grows with the popularity of what people consider fashionable. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, views technology as a playground which is a point for experimenting. It gives you more possibilities as you dive deeper.
Fashions advance through the use of technology to protect us. The airbag and helmets are just examples of fashion items married with technology to shield our heads from impact. Designers are into the recycling of materials to create fantastic styles. Inner bicycle tubes are now creating jackets and shirts. Fashion and technology work together to create energy. Movement can change to electrical power meaning new clothes can capture the kinetic energy.Find Chris Burch on Engadget for more information.