Jeremy Goldstein Drinks for a Good Cause

Jeremy Goldstein has a long and successful careeras a lawyer in New York City, and he is currently a partner at Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates LLC. Before that he was a partner at another lawfirm in New York. He has a J.D, a M.A and a B.A from such colleges at Cornelland NYU.

Jeremy Goldstein was the host of a wine dinner in May to benefit Fountain House. Fountain House provides a variety of services to both men and women who are suffering from mental illness.

With so many people suffering from some type of mental illness, the founders of Fountain House saw the need for services that helped those sufferers maintain a normal life free from the pain of mental illness. Fountain House offers a holistic approach and does far more than prescribe medications.

They focus on the need for a community of people who can work together to help each other. The numbers speak for themselves, and Fountain House has found employment for many of its members across New York City. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

The school completion rate for those who are part of Fountain House is over twice the national rate for people with mental illness,and the rate of homelessness is just 1% for people who have found help with the program. Members can also learn a trade along with coping skills that mean they can be productive members of the broader community. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

Fountain House has been so successful that its model has been replicated across the country to help thousands more people who suffer the symptoms of mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein is on the board of directors for Fountain House. He takes pride in his long association with Fountain House and100% of the proceeds with be given the Fountain House group. The dinner boasted some of the finest wines in the world, and drinking them was all for a great cause.

Jeremy Goldstein: Telling People about Stock Options

Over the past few years, numerous corporations have stopped providing stock options as an employee benefit. It’s not fully clear why so many are eliminating stock options, but there are three recurring reasons. First, employees and employers are uncomfortable with stock values dropping too quickly.

It only takes one bad day to make a stock worthless, meaning no one can exercise that stock. If the option can’t be used, there’s no reason to keep offering stock options. Even if things do work out, there’s still the risk of option overhang, and shareholders are responsible for that.

That leads to the second reason: employees don’t want stock options anymore. A lot of corporations are eliminating stock options because their workforce wants more relevant and manageable benefits. Every time the economy spirals down, stocks are rendered worthless, making stock options more like casino tokens; only valuable as long as the casino recognizes them.

The last main reason corporations stopped providing stock options involves the hours of paperwork and accounting burdens. By the time everything wraps up, it might be more costly to provide stock options than eliminate them and offer something easier, like higher wages.

Regardless of a corporation’s reason, the trend is growing every day and very few people are trying to stop it. Jeremy Goldstein is is among the few experts fighting to keep stock options available to employees. He’s not suggesting that every company offer stock options; some can’t afford the tax burden and won’t survive.

He’s only suggesting that everyone at the top of the list rethink their employee benefits. It may seem easier to offer equities or better insurance coverage, but stock options come with more rewarding advantages. As the IRS adds to their rules, offering equities may soon become harder than providing stock options.


Jeremy Goldstein knows what he’s talking about; he’s been a business lawyer for nearly 20 years. Throughout his career, Jeremy Goldstein worked his way up the legal ladder and became New York’s go-to expert on matters involving employee benefits. A lot of companies take his advice to heart.

Mr. Goldstein established his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, after leaving a similar organization. Since then, he’s written numerous papers on executive compensation and spoken about corporate governance at several conventions. Learn more: