Securus Technology; Aide to Law Enforcement Officials

Founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technology Company works with over 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states in the United States serving over one million inmates. Public safety, monitoring prisoner’s calls, provision of criminal and civil justice technology and prevention of inmate-to-inmate crimes are its main areas of operation.


Embracing the use of technology by Correctional Facilities in preventing and solving crimes in their institutions in conjunction with Securus Technology, it has become easier to achieve this. Richard Smith, the Chairman, and C.E.O of Securus says that consistency has been a key attribute to their success as they develop at least one new product a week to assist correctional officers and law enforcement agencies in solving and preventing crimes. “It is in our DNA to build safety into what we do” adds C.E.O Richard Smith.


Those that use Securus products attest to their efficiency and quality of service with remarkable results. Millions of illegal assets, cash and drugs have been seized with the use of Securus Technology in conjunction with local law enforcement and correctional officials. With its monitoring capabilities, Securus has aided in the pre-emption of incidences of insecurity across correctional facilities. A corrections officer was arrested trying to sneak in contrabands into a prison after information from his phone using Securus allowed authorities to get a search warrant for his home.


Monitoring an inmate’s call using Securus has exposed groups and civilians who sneak in drugs, alcohol and also those that issue threats to another inmate or member of the public. A civilian was arrested for selling prescription drugs to prisoners, and a past shooting incidence was solved with the use of Securus Technology. The Partnership between Correctional Officials, Law Enforcement Agencies and Securus Technology continue to provide top-notch security solutions making everyone’s work easier.


Securus Technologies Packages Safeguards In Proprietary Software

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is a provider of communications services for correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement and police establishments. The primary purpose is to provide a platform for inmates and their families to communicate with each other and stay in touch.


There are instances, however, when the communications are used for things other than just chit-chat among family members. Criminals are criminals, and if they have the chance, they like to practice their trade whether they are inside or outside of the penitentiary.


Securus has developed a technology called LBS technology, or Securus Location Based Services. This works by apprising the approximate location of a cell phone which can help to track down calls that are coming into or going out of an institution. It does not depend on GPS tracking which can be blocked easily. The technology shows the cell phone location as well as the location that the call is originating from or going to. In this way, the location that inmates are calling from or receiving calls as well as where an incoming call is coming from is recorded.


Recently an accolade came into the Securus home office from a facility where one of the employees of the prison was helping to bring in drugs and alcohol to the inside of the prison. The technology helped to provide evidence that led to his arrest and incarceration.


In another instance, a conversation was recorded between an inmate and a younger sibling located outside of the prison facility. The prisoner was advising the younger sibling, who had never been in trouble before how to speak to the police about a recent shooting. Due to this conversation, enough evidence was gathered to solve an important outstanding criminal case.


Thanks to Securus, many crimes are prevented and solved, and law enforcement and correctional facilities can keep their facilities and jurisdictions much safer than they would have been before.


Securus Technology Is Helping Drive Down Recidivism

I want to talk to you today about our criminal justice system. Most people don’t take an in-depth look at our criminal justice system or what makes it tick. In this election cycle, you’ve probably heard that the federal government is getting rid of for-profit prisons and that the United States puts more people behind bars than any other country. This is all true and I believe it stems from our “tough on crime” stance. I’m here to tell you that tough on crime doesn’t work and actually makes our country less safe. And if you’re not willing to believe me, then maybe this video will change your mind.


Watching this video you see a prisoner using Securus Technologies to video chat with his young child. The child seems blissfully unaware that dad is in a prison and the father seems delighted to see his young boy. Parental connection like this is vital and services like Securus are also vital. The morning inmate can communicate with his or her child, the less likely that child is to commit a crime.


That’s where this wonderful Securus service comes in. This telecommunications company makes it affordable for families to communicate with somebody inside the prison. That family member just needs to set up an account online and schedule a time for virtual visit.


Our focus should be on recidivism — the likelihood that a prisoner will commit another crime once released from jail. Obviously, we want to drive recidivism as low as possible. But by being tough on crime, we often drive recidivism rates up. Not allowing a prisoner to communicate with his or her family disenfranchises that inmate and makes it more likely for them to commit a crime once released. That’s why prisons should allow inmates to communicate abundantly and affordably with their children back home.


We should not be the country that steps on the inmate population. We should be the country that encourages good parenting no matter what the inmate did or did not do. By connecting prisoners with their children, we make them feel more a part of society and make it less likely for them to want to harm society in the future.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.