Cotemar-A Leading Energy Sector Industry in Mexico

Cotemar is a petroleum service company in Mexico, founded in 1979. This company has been attending to the gas and oil sector particularly to Petroleos Mexicanos, which has been their main client. Since its establishment, the company has been experiencing growth of service provision to the energy industry.

The company joins a combination of effective pointers and procedure equipment for hiring personnel of high expertise so as to realize remarkable service output. Presently, Cotemar is amid the top petroleum industries in Mexico.

History and Values

Cotemar was initiated in 1979 with the aim of providing catering, accommodation and specialized shipping services to the petroleum industry. 3 years after its establishment, the company progressively developed and was able to expand its taskforce, therefore, growing its transportation capability of more materials and persons. In 1985, Cotemar progressed and developed its first rig, a lodging rig. Learn more about Cotemar: and

By 1996, it had succeeded in increasing its monopoly in the market by growing its fleet to three rigs and three vessels. In 2012, the company collaborated with COSCO to begin building specified cranes that are semi-submersible as well as maintenance containers for conveying liquid and solid materials, enabling them to be part of the business of the onshore upstream. One of Cotemar’s subsidiaries received a Molocan tender contract award in Veracruz State.

Cotemar‘s operation is centered on three essential ideals. These are reliability, honesty and customer satisfaction. The company provides exceptional social, economic and environmental services to its entire clientele. It remains among the leading energy industries in service provision.


Cotemar operates under three tactical lines of services as laid out below:

· Catering and Accommodation

The services here include food and drinks preparation, laundry cleaning of some areas and bedding services.

Specialized and Maritime Support Vessels

Here, the company provides transportation services for food, drinks, personnel as well as light materials.

· Construction, Modernization, Maintenance and Engineering

The company specializes in modernizing and innovating services of customer processing platforms and centers. These services are in prefabrication, assembly and offshore installations.

Measures that Ensure Cotemar’s Sustainability

· Value of Life

Cotemar is committed to ensuring that its people and their families develop through education, sports, health and industrial safety.

· Business Ethics

This is what Cotemar uses to pass guidelines supporting the goals that lead the company. Cotemar focusses on the social, economic and environmental aspects to run the business.

· Community

Cotemar aims to create jobs, promote better health, sports and culture through community programs and centers.

· Environment

Cotemar raises awareness in taking care of the environment through proper practices that reduce negative activities and impacts on the surrounding.