Crime In the Quincy?

When will Crime End In the Quincy?
Quincy is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Quincy has seen its fair share of shootings over the past couple of years. Many news outlets writing about the incidents in the area have called it a ‘crime Hub.’ It is an outlook that is not good for the residents in the area. There has been some serious criminal activity in the area in recent times. One occurred a few years ago.A delivery man had stopped by the Quincy Circle to deliver pizza to an apartment in the N building. The owner of the house told the delivery man that he had not ordered any pizza. The man was approached by three males from behind as he headed back to his truck. The guys said that the pizza was theirs and they were the ones who had ordered it. One of the guys produced a gun and aimed it at the head of the delivery guy as he returned from the back of the car with the pizza. He then asked the man to give them all his money. The suspects made away with his money, pizza, and his wallet before escaping to a parking lot where they all got into a car and fled.

Another case occurred late last year at the New Brunswick Apartments. The police claim that the incident took place at around 9:30 PM. The police were summoned to the area after multiple gunshots were heard in the area. At least one person got injured. He was rushed to hospital in a privately owned vehicle. The vehicle was a Honda.

The New Brunswick Apartments’ complex has more than 200 units. It is situated opposite the Rutgers University Police Department. The victim reported to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital a few moments after the shooting occurred. His wound was not life-threatening. He got immediate medical attention. The suspect had disappeared from the scene before the police arrived. Eyewitness reports described him as a male who was wearing a hoodie. The suspect was seen moving into Neilsen Street. Police went back to the scene later after previously undiscovered bullet shell casings were found at the scene.

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  1. One of the suspects was later caught after police carried out digital phone tracking and tracked his phone near the scene. Parysh Wood was 21 at the time. He was the ringleader and was charged with the robbery. I also know that to write paper for me will be a tough call for these guys.

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