Fabletics Takes Off

These days, it’s not enough just to create a quality product at a good price and put it out in front of the people who are likely to want it. In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, other factors are coming into the mix, which means that startup brands, especially in the highly competitive fashion industry, are having are harder and harder time breaking through. The reality today is that Amazon now controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce industry, so when a new company breaks through, it’s really big news. Companies today are using new approaches to gaining consumer appeal, including offering last mile service and unique customer experiences to gain brand recognition.


Fabletics Takes Off With Active Fashion Enthusiasts


One of the new companies that is making serious inroads into the e-commerce fashion world is Fabletics. This activewear company was co-founded by film star Kate Hudson, who uses her athletic appeal and glamorous image to help publicize the brand. In just three years this innovative fashion brand has grown into a $250 million company, and it’s definitely making a name for itself, even in this highly competitive environment.


The Fabletics Difference


Underneath the fashionable image of the Fabletics brand is a savvy business approach. Hudson’s involvement in marketing the brand adds to its positive and “aspirational” appeal, which is focused on making users of the brand feel good about themselves and their commitment to living healthy and attractive lives.


Fabletics is a membership-driven company that asks its users to invest in a monthly subscription to the brand. Every month users get their choice of hand-picked ensembles put together by Hudson. These outfits are personalized after users fill out a quiz that lets Fabletics know what kind of lifestyle they have. This can involve questions regarding what kind of lifestyle they enjoy and what kind of activities they are involved in, like running, cycling or going to yoga classes.



One of the more attractive elements of this brand is its affordable price point. The company was created when its founders saw a need in the marketplace for active wear that is good looking enough to double as daytime wear, yet also comfortable and versatile. These are outfits that can be worn to the gym and then dressed up with a jacket and jewelry for a night or day out. All of this comes at a price point that makes it achievable for mothers and working women of all kinds.


This kind of marketing innovation is proving to be incredibly appealing, which is why Fabletics is really catching on, and giving Amazon a real run for the money.

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