Fantasy Football Rankings WR Matavis Bryant

When looking to play fantasy football, one of the players that can be drafted is wide receiver Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Those who want to draft him will want to find out what he will need in order to be a WR1 receiver in any fantasy league. Bryant has three years of pro experience and was looked to be a top receiver in the mid rounds of a fantasy draft. Due to his year long suspension for failing a drug test, players could not draft him last season. During the two prior seasons, Bryant perfroemd at an average level and has proven to be a wide receiver that is best as a backup instead of a starter. According to most experts, Bryant ranks at a WR21 to WR34. If he can increase the level of his performance on the field, he will likely rise up to a WR1.

Fantasy football rankings are a way for certain players to rated based on their ability and performance in previous seasons. If a player performs at a high level, he will be ranked at the highest levels in terms of fantasy football rankings and will therefore maximize a person’s chance at winning money with consistent performance. Players that are average in terms of statistical production will usually be rated on the lower end of the available players on fantasy football rankings. Therefore, it is very important to assess fantasy football rankings when looking to assemble a fantasy team.