I am Michel, and I am writing in respect to your ad placed on Craigslist.

I am a racer; I offer professional hired services on Upwork. I also write website contents, blog posts, articles, creative writing, and just about anything that has to do with brazilian race rally writing. I am interested in any new gig, and I am open to questions if you have as I anticipate your response.

I’m Michel’s blog publications agent, a freelance writer and editor local to the Sao Paolo area. I have a good amount of experience with writing and editing in a wide variety of forms. I’m interested to know more about any blog, the kind of work you need and what you are offering as far as compensation. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks.

Integrity, inspiration, and confidence are all qualities that make great leaders. Sweat is an acceptable form of training for me and for Michel as it makes us better leaders and team players. Michel is even taking the time to learn to blog on his own races; how cool and inspiring is this, friend?

What is your business name? I’m not sure how many orders per week I would be willing to commit to, because I don’t know of the size of the orders; however, I will take on as many orders as possible. Speaking in terms of politics, I’m not sure I really care. I don’t prefer to choose sides between conservatism and liberalism: I’m just happy to be brazilian.

Hello, my name is Josiah. I’ve been thinking about writing a book for fun lately, because I know I have the English literacy to do so. Would you be willing to consider me for one of your writing projects online?

1: I am fully comfortable with subcontracting and being paid through PayPal, as I primarily work as a freelance writer.

2: While I am well-acquainted with both sides politically, I am more likely to be considered by others as a liberal independent. I look forward to working with you on this project – Michel Terpin, New Blog.