Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Afraid to Battle with Amazon

The reason that most online clothing retailers are terrified to go battle with Amazon is because that retail giant will literally chew them up and spit them out. Look at Amazon from only a numbers standpoint, and you will discover they have been eating up 20 percent of the entire sales year to year, even though there are thousands in the same niche trying to reach the same customers. Once retailer apparently did not get that memo, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been unafraid to go toe to toe with Amazon.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million in their unique women’s apparel in only a few short years.


It is no small feat to be able to sell that much apparel while rubbing shoulder with Amazon, and Hudson is not shy about talking about why her company is breaking away from the pack and selling women’s active-wear in record numbers. Hudson says i addition to her rewarding membership perks package, her customer are able to enjoy the reverse showrooming process at their convenience. Now just look and see what is happening in the retail Fabletics shops at the mall, business might surprise some. Women are filling out a Lifestyle Quiz, getting their membership, and window-shopping, many leaving the store without making a single purchase.


How can any business do $250 million in sales under this type of business structure?


The answer is actually the key to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and it has to do with shopping online after the fact. While women are in the retail store trying on this athleisure brand, the items are being uploaded to the customer’s account online, allowing them to return when they have time to pick up where they stopped shopping. The online inventory at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is huge, so now that these women know what size they are, they hunt for new styles and colors to show off at the gym this weekend.


Whether these women want yoga pants, tank tops, or leggings, the online site has something for all. Now include a few other things into the membership package, like free shipping, discounted prices, and help from a personal shopper, and you can see why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not afraid to be doing battle with Amazon. In fact, Amazon may want to pay a little closer attention to Fabletics, because if things keep progressing as they are, there may be a new number one in the online women’s apparel market.

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  1. I am loving the contest already knowing that both Fabletics and Amazon are known to be mega brands in the fashion business. Though essay custom writing has it covered already I want to believe that if Fabletics continue with the approach that they are using things will work in their favor. They just need to keep putting in quality efforts to sustain the pressure on Amazon.

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