Nationwide Title Clearing Focuses On Providing The Public With Online Reports

In the recent years, the real estate market has continuously experienced the problem of title defects, which has resulted to calls for action. In response to this challenge, the Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) launched an updated website where clients can order property reports online. NTC is a leading research and industry document-processing service provider. Availability of property reports online will bring relief to the industry. Such services will eradicate problems such as wrongful foreclosures or slow transition of assets, which are caused by title defects. NTC’s executives explained that property reports are significant in ensuring clear title conveyancing and reducing the possibility of buyback or inability to foreclosure.


Mostly, title defects occur when an individual or an entity claims a property that is under a different ownership. The other factors that can cause title defects are basic wording mistakes in the document, omitting a required signature, wrong filing or recording procedure and documents bearing previous liens and other encumbrances. Due to these reasons, John Hillman, NTC’s CEO, insisted that revising documents to check for the above mistakes is important before selling property. With tax status reports, tax status (plus) reports, assignment-verification report services and current owner reports available online, NTC will have provided solutions to the evolving mortgage industry.


NTC is committed to securing property reports through a simple, fast and a systematic process. Hillman explained that in their research services, they use actual land records to process property reports. They extract data from multiple sources, including human verification of automated data from different counties. This service has provided NTC with a large platform to serve most of the leading lenders in the United States under the strict and heavily audited compliance regulations. The company strives to understand and embrace their clients’ needs. Thereafter, they customize a property report that satisfies their utility. This information was originally reported on the National Mortgage News as highlighted in this link


About Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing is a Florida-based company that was founded in 1991. The company serves mortgage lenders, investors and servicers, including top ten residential mortgage service companies in the nation. The corporation is reputable for its high level of accuracy in their reports, thus emerging as a top document research and processing provider. Their services aim at protecting homeowners, servicing the mortgage banking industry and preserving land records. Their operations fulfill county document requirements in all 3,600-recording jurisdiction in the nation. They offer innovative services like land records research, lien release services, property reports, final documentation, assignment services and document retrieval. NTC is a recipient of multiple awards, including the Fast 50 Awards, Hire Power Award and Inc. 500/5000.