New Business Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Rocks the Nightlife with Magnises

There is a savvy, new, tech-entrepreneur taking center stage in the NYC business world, and he is one of the youngest. Billy McFarland founded his most recent company in 2013 called Magnises, and in 2015 he followed up with an elite black card that is used by members of the club. Not to worry if you don’t know what Magnises means, Billy is a creator at heart, and he made up the name.

McFarland was born in 1990, so at 26 he is one of the youngest, successful entrepreneurs. He was born with a gifted and creative business talent because at 13 he founded an online outsourcing business to connect clients to designers.

Billy McFarland had another business concept on his mind, so he dropped out of college to found it. He called it Spling, another created name. and as CEO, Billy McFarland leads the company in transforming URLs from text to graphic images, which can be displayed on an online bulletin board. Some of his clients include Universal, Hearst, and Discovery.

But Magnises has become more successful than these first two and has gained him attention in the NYC business world. Magnises is an exclusive social club, which includes extravagant restaurants and clubs, preferred parties and events and otherwise restricted events. Membership obtains tickets to sold out concerts and sports events and entrance to impromptu parties only for the social elite.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland founded the first chapter in NYC. Today, it is going strong in NYC, Washington DC and San Francisco with over 10,000 members, and there are plans to add many more cities to the group. The Magnises office is on the top floor of a hotel in NYC, and there is always an event being planned there.

McFarland released the classic black card that coincides with the Magnises membership. With an annual fee of $250, it has all of the club’s events and activites, fashion establishments and more, and it can retain your credit card information to transform it into a useful money card. Fantastic! In the near future, Billy plans to release the Magnises app, so the elite nightlife will be tight at your fingertips.

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