Consignment Shopping at The RealReal: How to spot authentic items

At the Wooster Street store, owner and founder Julie Wainwright of “The RealReal”, opened up a consignment shopping warehouse to inspire the fashion world. She opened the store based on the acquired belief that authenticity is necessary. She states that authenticity one of the most focused aspects of her business.

Founded in 2011, she employs a team of fashion experts, who can guarantee a shopper that their Givenchy or Chanel handbag is real and authentic. However, the items in her store are secondhand. Consignment shopping is where one is hunting for the latest fashion finds to go in line with their style. In contrast, it can also be an acquired practice that allows for amazing treasures at incredible prices. Whether there is success in your shopping, she encourages motivation and she’s aimed at making high fashion accessible with free authenticity workshops.

This particular workshop was held on a Tuesday night in SoHo, where eight women and two men were in attendance, and elegantly dressed for the occasion. The store’s learning session was accompanied by champagne, cake, and of course, designer (or soon to be determined) handbags! The workshop was called a handbag-valuation for Birkin luxury designer brand. Shocked reactions were given when the attendees evaluated a small Birkin bag that turned out to be authentic and valued at $10,000. The store associate suggested that shoppers use a checklist when evaluating handbags to check for things such as stitching, leather and smooth functionality.

Julie Wainwright states that this type of business is unique, and something other retailers can’t provide. She put good time and investment into the fashion world based on her own shopping experiences as a secondhand shopper. She believes that it is a joy to help secondhand-luxury buyers feel accepted and welcomed into the wonderful fashion world.

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Students Are Communicating Better Than Ever With Class Dojo

For many years there has been a growing communication problem in the schooling system. Thankfully, Class Dojo and companies like them are creating new ways to build communication for the educational system, especially for children. The early years of a child’s academic career will be the most important in shaping their entire schooling experience. Today, it is well known within the educational community that communication is very important in regards to overall education. Sam and Liam, the founders of Class Dojo, specifically went around asking school staff and various teachers what the worst aspects of their own school community, and it turns out most of them had communication on the list.

It often goes unnoticed, but communication is a very important aspect that can help improve the performance of any student. For young children especially, the interaction with the parents and involvement in their schooling goes a long way in building their confidence and motivation. With Class Dojo, parents are able to stay connected with their children more effectively than ever before. This is because it allows parents to directly contact their child’s teacher at any time and see how they are doing with their classwork. Instead of the parent-teacher conferences that are few and far between, Class Dojo keeps parents and teachers in the loop at all times.

Class Dojo has improved a great deal since it was first released, allowing teachers from classrooms around the world to connect to each other and create a new experience for their students. They can learn about different religions, cultures, and lifestyles all through the power of communication and connectivity. Class Dojo is a very simple program to use and virtually everyone is able to use the program, provided they have a smart device and an internet connection. In less than a decade, more than two-thirds of schools in the United States have adopted the Class Dojo program and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon as it spreads to more classrooms around the world.

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Southridge Capital Has A Financial Plan For Your Company

Financial Assistance

Southridge Capital is providing a wide variety of creative financial solutions to public companies. It has an executive team with an innate ability to navigate the marketplace. These executives are experts at providing finance plans for their clients. Globally, the company has invested $1.8 billion since 1996. Southridge Capital has served over 250 companies and has the knowledge and experience to advise on various corporate concerns from going public, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing options, managing balance sheets, bankruptcy, and litigation.


What Solutions can Southridge Offer?

Southridge Capital is aware that companies in need of help do not take advantage of all the possible financing streams at their disposal. Since those companies are not aware, Southridge is there to offer solutions such as loans against the companies’ existing assets. The qualifying assets include insider shares, capital, and others. Southridge also works with companies’ creditors to have debt negotiations to help boost the company’s credit approval ability. Southridge offers an Equity Purchase Agreement to its clients which allows them to raise funds no matter what market conditions are.


About Southridge Capital

Southridge was founded in 1996. The private company is based in Ridgefield Connecticut. The company has a five-person management team which includes officers, accountants, and general counsel members. Southridge is not only a company that supports public companies but it is also a company that helps out in the community. You can visit



Charitable Efforts

The company promotes charity work and giving and wants to make an impact on society as a whole. The company takes special preference to helping citizens and efforts made by non-profit organizations and faith-based charities. The CEO of Southridge Capital Stephen M. Hicks and his wife Mary began the Daystar Foundation. This is a group that helps several charitable organizations together with Southridge Capital. The goal is to make an impact and also show how giving back can be positive for us all.



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Dr. Saad Saad

Report Expert recently reported on  Dr. Saad Saad’s background and career success as a pediatric surgeon. Ravi Mandalia highlighted how Dr. Saad Saad was offered the position of personal pediatric surgeon to Saudi Royal based in Riyadh. The doctor was one-of-a-kind, not only being board-certified in the U.S. but also fluent in both Arabic and English.


Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinian-born Surgeon who was raised as 1 or 8 children, all successful in their own fields of medical, education, and engineering. Dr. Saad Saad earned his medical degree from the University of Cairo where he ranked second in his class while graduating with honors. Dr. Saad achieved being board-certified for Pediatric Surgery in the US, a challenging feat requiring special training and continuous improvement as well as taking an exam once every ten years.


Dr. Saad Saad performed pediatric surgery on an aneurysm for the the youngest baby in which he advocated to have the surgical details published in order to educate others. He was a trusted and high-performing surgeon, often flew in for certain patients.


Dr. Saad served patients of royal status and also of poverty. His mission was to give opportunities to both sides of the spectrum, having been aware of poverty his whole life. He strives for continuous improvement and research, having two patented inventions and developing numerous methods within the industry. Dr. Saad’s legacy continues with him establishing a Surgical Residency Program for Saudi Students.


Dr. Saad Saad shares with Reporter Expert his rules of surgery as well as two habits that contribute to his success. His two tips for developing successful habits is to first review the patient medical record before deciding on which procedure to perform and to second deeply review each step of the procedure before performing it. For surgery tips, Dr. Saad advises no personal talking, no loud music, and getting a quality night’s sleep and eating a good breakfast before operating. Learn more:


Today Dr. Saad Saad resides in New Jersey and is affiliated with three medical centers: Clara Maass Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center. He specializes in both General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery. He is the recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award (2014) and Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2014).


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 Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides- Moving InnovaCare Health to High Glory

InnovaCare Health is based in Puerto Rico and known for its leading role in the managed healthcare services. The company has two primary avenues that include the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks, and they are committed to offering high quality of healthcare. They believe in creating unique models of sustainable solutions that are cost-effective and fully integrated with the latest and advanced technologies. The mission of InnovaCare Health is redefining the role of healthcare management to help meet the various challenges occurring in today complex environment. They aim at focusing on having a healthy provider and patient long-term working relationship and with its subsidiary the company will build sustainable models.


Penelope Kokkinides has two decades of experience in healthcare, and she is the Chief Administrator Office. She has specialized in different government programs that include Medicaid and Medicare and other managed care industry. Kokkinides has extensive expertize and knowledge in developing different clinical applications, health care operations and processes and organizational infrastructures. Before joining InnovaCare in 2015 June, she had worked in various executive roles. At Centerlight Healthcare, Penelope Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer and an Executive Vice President. At AmeriChoice she worked as Corporate Vice President where she played a significant role in implanting and developing the firm health model.


Rick Shinto is the M.D of InnovaCare health and has more than 20 years of operation and clinical experience in managed care. Before joining InnovaCare, he worked MMM Healthcare Incl. and at Aventa Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer and President. He also serves on the board as the Director of the InnovaCare health.


Rick and Kokkinides reflect a high level of expertise, experience and professional integrity with each adding a rich background of unique skills that are set to move the organization into higher success and position amid the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


InnovaCare is a company that operates in Puerto Rico and provides managed health care. It controls the PMC Medicare choice that has more than 200,000 individual members and serves a network of 7,500 providers. It also controls the MMM healthcare in Puerto Rico. Additionally, InnovaCare also manages the Government Health Plan which offers broad benefits of coordinated care model to the Puerto Rico citizens. InnovaCare is committed to providing the citizens and health providers of the Island with quality healthcare that is affordable. The company also added Jonathan Meyers as the InnovaCare Chief Actuary Officer in 2016.


Sahm Adrangi: An Inspirator and Businessman

Sahm Adrangi acts as inspirator to many generations through his efforts. He is the founder of Kerrisdale capital Management organization, and he focuses on how to increase the investment. Sahm is a graduate of Yale University and holds a degree in economics. He has served as an analyst for many years. Therefore, he has experience in handling finance related issues in business. The year 2009 marches the time when Sahm Adrangi started the company. He had $1million which he commenced the business with, but due to his knowledge about inventions, the capital vastly grew to $150 million. The 2017 statics indicates it on the money the company has.

Sahm also has some failures in the organization. He believes that Kodack is not giving the right information about its sales. He takes this as the reason behind rising of the shares to very higher levels. The organization should find a sure way to expand its markets. But Sahm instead of finding new ways of increasing sales sees the negative part of other organization. Sahm should discover a possible direction on how to improve the sales in his way. By considering what others do, he may fail to make it or engage in unlawful practices to improve the organization’s sales. Sahm Adrangi has profoundly enhanced the global spread of knowledge. They are widely spread through social media networks. After completing his studies, Sahm Adrangi lives a positive life and a risk taker. It has made him get excellent results in his efforts. Sahm became well known through his effort of exposing hidden interties in the China market.

Before becoming a founder of Kerrisdale capital Management organization, Sahm Adrangi was an analyst at Longacre Fund Management. He conducted analysis in investments and research for credit as well as an equity fund. Sahm also had worked at Chanin Capital Partners in a restructuring investment banking group. Before working in a restructuring investment banking group, he worked in leveraged finance group at Deutsche Bank. This gives him enough experience to issues to deal with money. His ideas and expertise have played a significant role in reducing bankruptcy in the Chinas economy. It has raised the country’s GDP.

Sheldon Lavin Leading the Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group, LLC a multinational food service company with offices around the world. They are headquartered in Aurora, IL and have over 64 facilities and employee 20,000 people in the food industry. He is a board member and a general trustee for Rush University Medical Center. The company was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family meat market. He expanded the market into a wholesale meat trade company. It is grown into a multibillion-dollar company and a supplier of meat to the fast food industry.

The OSI Group is a supplier of meats, vegetables and fruits for the food industry. They specialize in supplying beef, pork, and poultry to clients. They also deliver seafood, pizza, and baked goods to customers and have an established clientele. They have been in business for more than 100 years and value providing the best service in their industry. They produce hot dogs, fried foods, kettle products and sandwiches. Their ingredients are created on their premises by an organized team of food experts. Their foods are processed with the latest technology and are either ready to cook or fully prepared. The handlers ensure that the food is properly evaluated and that the proper guidelines are meet during preparation.

Mr. Lavin had humble beginnings and is now a leader in the food industry. He attended finance school where he learned the ins and outs of the business. He began his career as a financial consultant and assisted companies with their financial plans and achievements. When managing his company, he considers technology trends, consumer choices and the availability of resources.

Even though Mr. Lavin is a success now, his career was not secure until he began working with Otto and Sons. He helped their company expand and reach a higher level of accomplishment. He collaborates with the members of his team to ensure that the most accurate policies are implemented. He is an awarded entrepreneur and a philanthropic leader. He supports his community and donates to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

Mr. Lavin has helped the OSI Group company increase their revenue and expand throughout the world. He knows how to create and implement business plans that get results. The companies that he has worked with are proof that efforts are not in vain. He is a smart entrepreneur that has a reputation for helping businesses thrive.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Crusade for Violence Against Migrants

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most active individuals in the United States who are working together to help protect the migrants and their rights.

They have been working together since the beginning to extend assistance especially to those who were the most vulnerable. One of the most recent issues which have raised their eyebrows is the one which involved Joe Arpaio and President Donald Trump.

Joe Arpaio was the former sheriff of Maricopa County who was jailed because of contempt, but the president later on pardoned him. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are appealing to the president to reverse his decision because of the grave violations that Joe Arpaio did against the migrants.

Some of the horrific violations of Joe Arpaio were shared online, and it went viral. According to some people, he was notorious for persecuting the migrants, especially those who are undocumented.

There were reports about a secret tent city that was built having the purpose of detaining the migrants who will be deported and exposing them to harsh conditions.

Many people have died under the harsh leadership of Joe Arpaio, but the government is taking a blind eye against his actions. He has been accused of racial profiling and discrimination, but it seems like the government does not care about the complaints that they receive regarding the toughest sheriff in America. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio was jailed because of contempt after he ignored the warnings of the county attorney office.

After his arrest, he warned everyone who has rejoiced his detainment that he will soon make it out if Donald Trump would end up becoming the president of the United States.

When Donald Trump won, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin feared that he would be releasing Joe Arpaio from the prison. What they feared the most came true, and he was pardoned recently. According to the activists, they are also victims of the atrocities committed by Joe Arpaio, and they would want him to rot inside the jail instead.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the men of Joe Arpaio in 2007, and they were brought before the court because of the accusation that they have leaked confidential information and posted it online. The two denied the accusation, but their trial went on.

The public was surprised regarding the development of the case, and they have asked for the immediate release of the two. The judge found out that the case filed against Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin has weak evidence, and they were released.

Their lawyer suggested that they file a counter lawsuit against the county, and after the hearing of the case they filed, they were awarded $3.75 million which soon became a private fund known as Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continue the crusade against Joe Arpaio. They wanted to let the Americans know about his actions, and why he is never fit to run for any government office. Joe Arpaio expressed his interest in running for the Senate.

Who is this Alex Pall guy?

Alex Pall, part of the duo DJ group, “The Chainsmokers” is a force to be reckoned with. Pall starting his DJ career in and around the New York City area. Never taking it too serious until he saw others start to create a buzz, and make some actual money off of it. After a falling out with a prior friend in the group, the second man for the job Andrew “Drew” Taggart took off from Maine down to New York to try the whole DJ thing out. The two connected on levels other than music which translated into a great working relationship. Days upon days they worked countless hours on creating their unique sound, and bringing something different to the table that wasn’t already out in the world of music.

They discuss their previous tracks, and how they continue to evolve phonically into different genres. Pall making his debut singing on their next smash single, “Closer” which is about an ex girlfriend who he ends up seeing again and unfortunately realizing why he ended things in the first place. Halsey a fantastic artist growing on the music scene was also featured on the track. Pall states that “She was number one on their list of artists that they had wanted to work with.” Her vocal ability brought a different level to the song then that they had expected it to be.

Pall and Taggart both talk about how they enjoy writing lyrically to their music. “Well, why not?” they say. It’s a different situation than most instances in their industry, which they are both okay with. They state that they are song writers, and they enjoy that element of music which is missing a bit in their genre. It has hit a chord with a large audience. Being more than dance music has exploded them across the globe. The demographic of people listing has expanded, the global presence has grown. Coming from playing for college kids to growing into a household name is a dream come true for the duo starting with Pall and his New York City hobby.

Jeremy Goldstein: Telling People about Stock Options

Over the past few years, numerous corporations have stopped providing stock options as an employee benefit. It’s not fully clear why so many are eliminating stock options, but there are three recurring reasons. First, employees and employers are uncomfortable with stock values dropping too quickly.

It only takes one bad day to make a stock worthless, meaning no one can exercise that stock. If the option can’t be used, there’s no reason to keep offering stock options. Even if things do work out, there’s still the risk of option overhang, and shareholders are responsible for that.

That leads to the second reason: employees don’t want stock options anymore. A lot of corporations are eliminating stock options because their workforce wants more relevant and manageable benefits. Every time the economy spirals down, stocks are rendered worthless, making stock options more like casino tokens; only valuable as long as the casino recognizes them.

The last main reason corporations stopped providing stock options involves the hours of paperwork and accounting burdens. By the time everything wraps up, it might be more costly to provide stock options than eliminate them and offer something easier, like higher wages.

Regardless of a corporation’s reason, the trend is growing every day and very few people are trying to stop it. Jeremy Goldstein is is among the few experts fighting to keep stock options available to employees. He’s not suggesting that every company offer stock options; some can’t afford the tax burden and won’t survive.

He’s only suggesting that everyone at the top of the list rethink their employee benefits. It may seem easier to offer equities or better insurance coverage, but stock options come with more rewarding advantages. As the IRS adds to their rules, offering equities may soon become harder than providing stock options.


Jeremy Goldstein knows what he’s talking about; he’s been a business lawyer for nearly 20 years. Throughout his career, Jeremy Goldstein worked his way up the legal ladder and became New York’s go-to expert on matters involving employee benefits. A lot of companies take his advice to heart.

Mr. Goldstein established his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, after leaving a similar organization. Since then, he’s written numerous papers on executive compensation and spoken about corporate governance at several conventions. Learn more: