Transformations Brought by Jose Auriemo Neto as the CEO of JHSF

JHSF is a famous company that offers services to high-income generation. The headquarter of the company is based in Sao Paulo Brazil. The company has various business branches which include restaurants, airport and Fasano hotel. It provides services in major cities in various countries such as USA, Uruguay, and Brazil.

The company was co-founded by Jose Robert Auriemo and Fabio, his brother, in 1972. Two other people were also involved in founding the company. The company is the first one in Brazil to provide exclusive services.The firm provides recurrent income assets. The company expanded its operations in 2001 to include shopping malls. It became the first firm to establish a shopping mall. It is also involved identifying viable business which can bring profits and invest in them. JHSF is in the frontline in technological advancement. It encourages innovation and inventions which are aimed at providing quality services in the industry. Click here to know more.

Jose Auriemo Neto was appointed to serve in the company while he was 27 years of age. Currently, he is serving as the CEO of the company. He is also the one who established Cidade Jardim. He was noted for creating park’s division of the firm while he was 17 years old. He became the mall director five years later. He brought a lot of transformation after taking over the leadership of JHSF. He introduced the firm to luxurious high-income generating market. He was involved in determining the shopping destination for the company in 1998.

Jose Auriemo Neto left to New York in 2015 to supervise some of the company’s operations. High Rise apartment was being constructed at that time. Five-star JHSF, as well as a rental house, were to be incorporated into the building. He was responsible for overseeing the company as it ventures to retail business. Jose Auriemo Neto is an experienced and skilled entrepreneur who is honored for the success of JHSF.

George Soros:The Greatest Investors

George Soros, a non-practicing Jew hails from Hungary, Budapest. He was born in 1930 and he fled away from his country during the Nazi’s invasion. George Soros lived in Budapest with a foster family after his father paid for him to be claimed a Christian godson to a Hungarian government official named Baumbach. He and his family went to England, where he attended the London School of Economics as he worked as a railway porter and waiter.Later on after his graduation, he joined the London brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander, and became adept in international arbitrage. However, he later moved to New York, where he established himself by trading on Wall Street. Due to his influence, George Soros rose to the position of New York Hedge fund manager hence becoming one of the most powerful personalities on earth.

In addition, Soros had amassed strong political influence which he used to reconstruct and reshape the political landscapes of a number of countries. Around 2001, when George Bush took over power, Soros was really convinced that America was heading the wrong direction especially after the 9/11 attack. He was of the idea that America should combat terrorism by ambushing a global war on poverty. Soros had a clear vision on how to steer America politically and ideologically in a direction that was consistent with the agendas of his philanthropic funding of his foundations.Moreover, he was directly involved in global politics through positive criticism and training of activists. Apart from the funding made to activists groups and cause, he has funded a notable number of presidential aspirants like: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama.

This was with an aim of building democracies that were vibrant and tolerant to ensure that governments were accountable to their citizens. His philanthropic work grew steadily, but shot to greater heights after he launched the Moscow office in 1987. His donations to the groups and causes grew tremendously from an expenditure of 3 million dollars to more than 300 million dollars per year.In conjunction to establishing stable democracies globally, he splashed most of his funds to various groups and causes. He was happy to just sit on the wall and watch as all the foundations he had funded flourish in more than 70 countries throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Soros was part of the flagship of the Soros Foundation Network.

Daniel Taub – Highly Successful Israeli Ambassador with Brilliant Track Record

The United Kingdom and Israel are two countries that have been allies for many decades and even have historical links with each other.

The social and cultural ties between the two nations go beyond time and have created a deep sense of bonding not only between the government of Israel and the United Kingdom but also its people. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

The government also organizes many social and cultural activities, programs, and initiatives that help in deepening the ties enjoyed by these two countries.

The role of ambassadors to the countries plays a critical role in this regard, and Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub to the United Kingdom played a significant role in strengthening the relations between Israel and the United Kingdom during his tenure.

One of the most important aspects of relationship between the two countries that he emphasized on during his tenure is economic ties. Daniel Taub took many initiatives to reform the business relations that the country and its people shared with each other, and it led to doubling the trade between Israel and United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years, and it proved to be a highly constructive period for both the countries in terms of building ties, addressing old issues, reforming business relationships, trade reforms, strengthening cultural and social ties, and more.

As per the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, the annual exchanges between the two countries have reached and crossed the mark of $5.5 Billion. It is a success that can be attributed to the fact that more than 300 Israel corporate companies and businesses have set up their firms in the United Kingdom during the tenure of Daniel Taub.

As per Sajid Javid, British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills, the trade between Israel and Great Britain has entered what he referred to as the “Golden Era.” Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom, but is an orthodox Jew and is proud of the fact that his children would be raised in what he calls historical homeland.

During his farewell gathering at the Israeli Embassy, the people present there felt that Daniel has achieved a lot more than many others couldn’t make in a long time. Many of the guests feel that he is one of the greatest Israeli ambassadors of all time after another famous Israeli envoy to Britain, Shlomo Argov.

Daniel Taub has been successful in not just one front, but in all fronts as far as the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom is concerned.

He focused not only on economy and trade but also on cultural and social ties and encouraged people to people ties, which he believes, is the foundation for building strong relationships that would sustain the challenges future brings forward.

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Norman Pattix And PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne alongside Tom Webster, the Edison Research VP of Strategy hit the news on 9th of February, 2017. Norman announced the results of comprehensive studies focusing on results of advertising tests of five major consumer brands sampling five different types of products and services. It explained the importance of the positive effect of Podcast advertising on brand recount and purpose to evoke the specific information.

Some of the main findings from the study include; more than 60% of the people mentioned a precise grocery in the post-campaign as of 7% of listeners from the pre-study. Read more: Norman Pattiz | Fundacity

Another result is the independent product awareness augmented that rose by 47% in the post-study compared to the pre-study for a financial product and 37% of motors aftermarket manufactured goods and 24% for a sod and precincts products. The knowledge of a precise promotion for an automobile market product was higher with 60% in the post- study compared to the pre-study.

The aim of the survey was to observe the efficiency of the advert done by Podcast on five national brands. Some were known brands introducing a new messaging while others were not well known, hence looking for amplified publicity.

The results showed the podcast audiences were open to the brand messages and showed high interests on the procurement of the brands. Podcasts main aim is to ensure they offer improved brand importance in the most modern advertising styles.

Norman Patizz is the founder and Administrative Chairman of Podcast One. He is also the founder of Westwood One, which became the largest radio network and one of the leading media companies. It managed, owned, and distributed important news like NBC radio networks, CBS news, CNN radio, Summer Olympic games among others. Norman also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010.

It was to produce and hand out eminence programming. In 2000, Norman was appointed to serve on the Broad Casting Governors of the United States of America by President Clinton and reappointed for the same position in 2002 by President Bush. His duty was to envision and initiate America’s Arabic radio.

Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and received massive of broadcasting award from the library of American broadcasting. Pattiz also serves as the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National security Laboratories. He is a regent of the University of California and a member of the council of foreign relations and the Pacific Council on international relations.

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The Financial Services offered

The Chief Executive Officer and the President at NexBank Capital, Inc, John Holt, was invited as a panelist during the fifth Strategic Opportunities and M&A Forum organized by the Texas Bankers Association. The forum which is held annually took place at New Orleans, Louisiana. Reinventing Community Banking was the topic that was being discussed by the Banker panel. The conference was held on 7th November 2016. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Forum is aimed at bringing together consultants, advisers and bank leaders in order for them to share their perspectives about the main opportunities and challenges that face community bank leaders. The panelists and people who participate in the forum use M&A activity, organic branching and growth to explore strategic opportunities

With 3 major businesses namely; Mortgage Banking, Institutional Services, and Commercial Banking, Nexbank Capital, Inc is firm that offers financial services. The company has the ability to offer personalized banking and financial services to financial institutions, corporations and institutional clients. A FDIC member, NexBank has a reputation for its commitment to reliable, efficient and also quality execution. NexBank has employed a skilled team of professionals who assists clients through the entire funding process and also assists them in getting the financing that they require.

Part of the financial services offered by NexBank is Commercial Real Estate lending where it partners with investors in the real estate sector, owners and developers. They offer a wide range of financing solutions for development, construction, refinancing and acquisition opportunities. NexBank Capital, Inc helps institutions in accelerating growth, improving efficiencies, maximizing earnings and also expanding their presence in the market. Involved in agency services, NexBank assists institutions in serving either distressed or traditional debt. The financial company offers special servicing administration, administrative agent as well as collateral trustee for investments worth billions of dollars across many different industries. Customer satisfaction remains the number one priority at Nexbank Capital, Inc.


How Clay Siegall has Developed Outstanding Cancer Therapies.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a skilled biotechnology professional who understands a lot about the development of cancer therapies. He has worked for the government and the private sector as a researcher for decades and has managed to make significant contributions that have improved the pharmaceuticals industry. Siegall has spent the past one decade serving Seattle Genetics, which is a leading biotechnology-based company that he co-founded in 1998. He created the firm to develop better cancer cures since chemotherapies have side effects such as loss of hair to the patients.

Seattle Genetics has grown in the last two decades and is currently served by many scientists who have been working to establish the best cure for cancer. The organization has managed to secure approval of the FDA for various drugs that it has developed. It was the first firm ever to create the antibody drug conjugates technology that has been used in making great drugs. ADCs do not have adverse side effects on the human body like chemotherapy. The company generates money from licensing various pharmaceutical companies to use its ADC technology, internal manufacturing of drugs, and the income that it gets from different production partners. Clay believes that the Seattle Genetics’ workforce has played a significant role in making the company successful despite challenges that are faced in developing the drugs.

Clay Siegall has displayed excellent management skills for the past two decades that he has served as the CEO and chairperson of Seattle Genetics. The company has created various targeted cancer treatments, and it is still striving to improve the cures. It has worked with leading pharmaceuticals manufacturers such as Takeda, Genentech, and Bayer to ensure that its drugs reach the international market.

The academic credentials that Clay holds have enabled him to reach great heights in his career. He is a graduate of the prestigious George Washington University where he got his Ph.D. in genetics. The experience that Siegall has gained in the industry has enabled him to be appointed to serve as a board member in companies such as BioPharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx. Dr. Clay Siegall has 15 patents for various products that he has developed in his research career.


Rocketship Education Involves Parents in Hiring Teachers

It is common in most schools for parents not to know who teaches their children until the school year begins. Rocketship Education chartered schools are however very different since the parents are involved in the process of hiring the teachers from the beginning. This is a process that happens months before the classes resume. Parents are involved in the interviews of potential teachers that will teach the students the next year. It is not a new phenomenon for Rocketship, a network which has 13 schools.

The CEO of Rocketship Education comments that it is this culture of involving parents that was started in 2007 and continues to hold the schools together. Preston Smith explains that the input of the parents matters a lot to them, which is why they have a say in the interview process. In some cases, the schools organize a meeting where the parents meet the teachers who made it to the final. This collaboration between the school and parents working as a community towards one goal has been very instrumental in helping to eliminate any potential disagreements as the CEO recalls that none has ever existed.

These meetings are fruitful because some of the applicants and candidates realize that the job may not be a perfect fit for them. The parents interrogate the candidates, which is a good thing since it helps the candidates get to understand what awaits them. In fact, in one meeting, one of the candidates left after a discussion with one of the parents, and when she was asked why she left, she said that she was not willing to engage with the parents at the levels that they expected from her. This way, the schools, parents, and sometimes-even students are spared the trouble of dealing with a teacher that may end up being problematic. The parents have also expressed their satisfaction in being involved in the processes as they get to know the candidates that will be handling their children.

Rocketship Education culture should be emulated to ensure that students receive quality education and that all parties in the education system work in harmony.


Fabletics Revolutionizes Online Trade

In the contemporary world, things are always improving, which in turn translates to development. The business sector isn’t left out either, as the spirit of competition among business people has led to the development of ingenious ways that they use to outdo each other. E-commerce helps to create incentives for different people, and it somehow helps to bridge the gap between clients and producers through necessitating the exchange of goods and services.


Fabletics is one of the online business that hasn’t been left out in as far as versatility is concerned in the digital market. It is an online business that is mainly focused on bridging the geographical differences between clients and producers. Despite sprouting up just recently, it has grown rapidly to great levels and it currently one of the largest online fashion business.


Kate Hudson is the CEO and founder of Fabletics, and her business has tremendously grown despite being availed recently. In as far as pollsters and business research goes, Fabletics has been the embodiment of a company that has risen from grass to grace. It has grossed over 250 million dollars in a span of only 3years. The success of Fabletics has not come on a silver platter but through clever strategy and market observation.


One of the primary strategies has been the use of subscription for services by clients. Due to its affordable and great deals, potential clients are required to subscribe to its channel. From then on-wards, they always get information including unbelievable deals through that platform. Additionally, the online lifestyle quiz helps clients to understand the most suitable products that they can purchase to achieve their desired personal fitness.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has managed to generate a daily growth of up to 25% regarding new customer attraction to its website. The other strategy that has been employed is known as the reverse showroom technique. The technique invests highly on the price value of products, making it cheaper to buy online than in person. Saving money is most people’s priority, and therefore, they almost never leave this chance slip out of their touch by signing up and making purchases online.


It doesn’t stop there, once potential clients are online and browsing through their tastes and preferences, the company captures the most visited products, and hence, it can deduce local market favorites so that it can invest heavily in those particular products.

Labor Activism by James Larkin

James Larkin is the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. James Larkin is an Irish. James was a labor activist and organizer in his country. He was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. In 1914, James Larkin traveled to the USA. After a short period James was deported back to his country. Being a fervent Marxist, James Larkin continued with his organizing strategies until the year 1940s.

James spent his childhood life in the Liverpool slums. Larkin had an opportunity to acquire a little formal education. In his youth, James Larkin had the responsibility to provide for his family. He worked at various job stations. Eventually, James Larkin became a foreman at the docks in Liverpool. In the Liverpool docks, James had an opportunity to experience the conditions that workers were subjected to during that time. James had a belief that employees in Irish were not treated in a fair manner.

Being a socialist and a protector for the rights of workers, James Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) in 1905. James then became a committed and a full-time organizer in the trade union. After two years, Larkin was given a job transfer to Dublin.

There, James Larkin utilized the little knowledge that he possessed and began his union. He established the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. The union’s goal was to bring together both the skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers to form an organization. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin – Biography

Later, Larkin formed another organization to supplement the union. James Larkin established the Irish Labor Party. This organization was meant to formulate the worker’s strikes whenever their rights were defied. In 1913, the Irish Labor Party was very effective during the Dublin Lockout strike. More than 100,000 workers participated for almost eight months. The workers won their legal right to fair employment with the Party’s help.

In December 1908, James formulated the union’s political program. The program worked in favor of the workers. Each worker was subjected to eight hours’ day of work. Larkin provided that there will be opportunities for work for all unemployed individuals. Also, at 60 years of age, all workers will be provided with pension. Larkin desired a better working condition for the people in Ireland. He thus set up arbitration courts and transport means for the workers’ welfare.

Not only is James Larkin a labor activist but also a family person. Larkin was a husband to Elizabeth Brown and a father to two sons. James Larkin married Elizabeth in 1903.

Whitney Wolfe Is Revolutionizing Online Dating Through Bumble BFF

In the recent years, the popularity of online dating has increased tremendously. Today, many people are interacting with potential partners via their cell phones. However, the use of dating apps has dominated internet dating, with numerous apps being developed on a daily basis. Bumble BFF is one of the apps that are enabling singles to find their respective matches online. Whitney Wolfe founded the dating app in 2014. Since American women wait longer to marry, Whitney created the app to help them find partners easily.

In addition, the app helps women who relocate to meet new friends. Bumble BFF, which is linked to a user’s Facebook account, allows a man to indicate his interest in a woman, who has to respond within 24 hours. Within eight months of the app’s launch, it registered 5 million conversations. In addition, it hit 10 billion swipes after three years.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is a successful American entrepreneur and the CEO of Bumble BFF, the fourth most popular dating app. The enthusiastic businesswoman partnered Badoo’s founder, Andrew Andreev, to create Bumble, which went on to bring forth Bumble BFF and BumbleBIZZ. Bumble BFF is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Wolfe is also affiliated with Tinder, a popular dating app. Due to her tremendous success in the world of entrepreneurship, Business Insider named Whitney Wolfe as one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech in 2014. Her career was also highlighted by the Elle’s Women in Tech recognition and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2017.

Wolfe ventured into entrepreneurship while still a student at the esteemed Southern Methodist University. When she was 19-years-old, she began selling bamboo tote bags to the people who were affected by Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Laser, she partnered with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist, to launch Help Us Project, a non-profit organization. After her graduation, Whitney moved to Southeast Asia to work with orphanages. At 22, she joined Hatch Labs where she had an opportunity to work with Cardify, a noble project initiated by Hatch Labs IAC incubator. Whitney Wolfe later co-founded Tinder, where she served as the vice president of marketing. She is responsible for increasing the app’s popularity among college students.