Seattle Genetics Proves Its Success In Oncology Care

Seattle Genetics is led by Clay Siegall, and their most recent earnings report shows over $60 million in sales of their innovative products. There are trials of ADCETRIS and AETHERA for cancer patients, and this article explains how patients are seeing incredible healing in their trial treatments. Everyone who has been stricken with cancer may be touched by a drug created at Seattle Genetics by Clay Siegall.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

#1: Oncology Drugs Are Improving

Seattle Genetics has created two major oncology drugs that are showing positive results with their trial patients. ADCETRIS and AETHERA are selling in the millions, and the patients who are using the drugs are getting well at a higher rate than most. Seattle Genetics has not cured cancer, but they have created treatments that will aid anyone in need. The company is focused on becoming a global brand for cancer care, and they are well on their way to their goal.

#2: Earnings Reports Tell A Good Story

Earnings reports at Seattle Genetics are telling a story of grand success. The company is selling more and more of its trial medications every day, and they are reaching new patients often through their trials.

#3: Will New Cancer Drugs Be The Final Word?

Seattle Genetics is a progressive company that prefers to create new drugs when the need arises. ADCETRIS and AETHERA were created for aggressive tumors and forms of lymphoma, and new drugs may be released in the future based on new studies. It is quite simple to see the success due to patient improvement and high sales.

Their company is led by a brilliant businessman in Clay Siegall, and the firm is showing earnings that prove it is on the right track.

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