Southridge Capital Has A Financial Plan For Your Company

Financial Assistance

Southridge Capital is providing a wide variety of creative financial solutions to public companies. It has an executive team with an innate ability to navigate the marketplace. These executives are experts at providing finance plans for their clients. Globally, the company has invested $1.8 billion since 1996. Southridge Capital has served over 250 companies and has the knowledge and experience to advise on various corporate concerns from going public, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing options, managing balance sheets, bankruptcy, and litigation.


What Solutions can Southridge Offer?

Southridge Capital is aware that companies in need of help do not take advantage of all the possible financing streams at their disposal. Since those companies are not aware, Southridge is there to offer solutions such as loans against the companies’ existing assets. The qualifying assets include insider shares, capital, and others. Southridge also works with companies’ creditors to have debt negotiations to help boost the company’s credit approval ability. Southridge offers an Equity Purchase Agreement to its clients which allows them to raise funds no matter what market conditions are.


About Southridge Capital

Southridge was founded in 1996. The private company is based in Ridgefield Connecticut. The company has a five-person management team which includes officers, accountants, and general counsel members. Southridge is not only a company that supports public companies but it is also a company that helps out in the community. You can visit



Charitable Efforts

The company promotes charity work and giving and wants to make an impact on society as a whole. The company takes special preference to helping citizens and efforts made by non-profit organizations and faith-based charities. The CEO of Southridge Capital Stephen M. Hicks and his wife Mary began the Daystar Foundation. This is a group that helps several charitable organizations together with Southridge Capital. The goal is to make an impact and also show how giving back can be positive for us all.



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