Who is this Alex Pall guy?

Alex Pall, part of the duo DJ group, “The Chainsmokers” is a force to be reckoned with. Pall starting his DJ career in and around the New York City area. Never taking it too serious until he saw others start to create a buzz, and make some actual money off of it. After a falling out with a prior friend in the group, the second man for the job Andrew “Drew” Taggart took off from Maine down to New York to try the whole DJ thing out. The two connected on levels other than music which translated into a great working relationship. Days upon days they worked countless hours on creating their unique sound, and bringing something different to the table that wasn’t already out in the world of music.

They discuss their previous tracks, and how they continue to evolve phonically into different genres. Pall making his debut singing on their next smash single, “Closer” which is about an ex girlfriend who he ends up seeing again and unfortunately realizing why he ended things in the first place. Halsey a fantastic artist growing on the music scene was also featured on the track. Pall states that “She was number one on their list of artists that they had wanted to work with.” Her vocal ability brought a different level to the song then that they had expected it to be.

Pall and Taggart both talk about how they enjoy writing lyrically to their music. “Well, why not?” they say. It’s a different situation than most instances in their industry, which they are both okay with. They state that they are song writers, and they enjoy that element of music which is missing a bit in their genre. It has hit a chord with a large audience. Being more than dance music has exploded them across the globe. The demographic of people listing has expanded, the global presence has grown. Coming from playing for college kids to growing into a household name is a dream come true for the duo starting with Pall and his New York City hobby.