The Financial Services offered

The Chief Executive Officer and the President at NexBank Capital, Inc, John Holt, was invited as a panelist during the fifth Strategic Opportunities and M&A Forum organized by the Texas Bankers Association. The forum which is held annually took place at New Orleans, Louisiana. Reinventing Community Banking was the topic that was being discussed by the Banker panel. The conference was held on 7th November 2016. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Forum is aimed at bringing together consultants, advisers and bank leaders in order for them to share their perspectives about the main opportunities and challenges that face community bank leaders. The panelists and people who participate in the forum use M&A activity, organic branching and growth to explore strategic opportunities

With 3 major businesses namely; Mortgage Banking, Institutional Services, and Commercial Banking, Nexbank Capital, Inc is firm that offers financial services. The company has the ability to offer personalized banking and financial services to financial institutions, corporations and institutional clients. A FDIC member, NexBank has a reputation for its commitment to reliable, efficient and also quality execution. NexBank has employed a skilled team of professionals who assists clients through the entire funding process and also assists them in getting the financing that they require.

Part of the financial services offered by NexBank is Commercial Real Estate lending where it partners with investors in the real estate sector, owners and developers. They offer a wide range of financing solutions for development, construction, refinancing and acquisition opportunities. NexBank Capital, Inc helps institutions in accelerating growth, improving efficiencies, maximizing earnings and also expanding their presence in the market. Involved in agency services, NexBank assists institutions in serving either distressed or traditional debt. The financial company offers special servicing administration, administrative agent as well as collateral trustee for investments worth billions of dollars across many different industries. Customer satisfaction remains the number one priority at Nexbank Capital, Inc.