The Magnises Black Metal Membership Card Opens Doors To Another Millennial Reality

It’s no secret. Millennials are different. People in their 20s and 30s, eat differently, bank differently, work differently, and most of all, look at life differently. The baby boomers don’t understand Millennials even though the boomers are responsible for bringing these hybrid humans into the world. The word on the street is the social, economic and political arenas on that were mainstays in the Baby Boomer era are on their way out. What’s incoming is still somewhat of a mystery, but Millennials aren’t worried about the mystery because worry is not a word that means very much to them.

The sociologists say Millennials were influenced by the 2008 Great Recession, and that is part of the reason for their quirky habits. The mistrust that Millennials have for the banking, retail, and political systems is the direct result of the recession, but there is another factor that makes Millennials act differently. Millennials believe they create their own experiences. That is the premise that 25-year-old Billy McFarland built his member-only club, Magnises, on in 2014. McFarland is the techy guy that started Spling, the online platform that companies like Discover and other online companies use for digital acquisition and optimization. Because of the success of Spling, McFarland was able to raise $3 million in venture capital to start Magnises.

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McFarland started Magnises in New York, Washington, and San Francisco. The plan is to expand the black metal members club card to London, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. So Far, Magnises has 12,000 members that pay the $250 annual membership fee to receive the perks that Magnises offers them. Some of those perks are deals on cars, shoes, and clothing as well as great seats at special events and table reservations at trendy restaurants. Magnises also acts as a concierge for the fashion, tech, and finance Millennials that need help with an assortment of fun things.

Since the Magnises member base seems to travel more than typical Millennials, Magnises offers a $79 a night room rate at Dream Hotel locations, and Magnises offers a $65 a month ClubPass to members if they want to go to the hottest clubs on in New York and San Francisco. Magnises is able to offer these special deals because McFarland negotiated special prices with the companies that want to tap into the Millennial market. In fact, Magnises is making money because of the deals that were made with the partners that host special events for members.

Magnises gives members the opportunity to have fun in a Millennial reality that is free from the Gen-Xers and baby boomers that cramp their style. Style is an important word in the Millennial market. It means life without the typical restrictions that have made life miserable for their parents’ generation. McFarland doesn’t consider himself the Hugh Hefner of the Millennial generation, but in a way he is that kind of guy. In other words, he’s an entrepreneur with insight, vision, and a great concept.

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