Todd Lubar on Business and Smart Homes

Todd Lubar is famous in the business community leading the corporation TDL Global Ventures LLC as their President. He is additionally serving as Senior Vice President at the international company of Legendary Investments.



Based in Potomac, Maryland, Todd Lubar is working in the business as well as in philanthropy. He is at the forefront of charitable contributions in the area. Todd Lubar started his career in finance but later started working in the business of real estate. Helping people find a good home and being a family is his goal and passion. It provides people with relief and perspective which is what he wants his career to be all about. Check out Yelp for more.



After he graduated from the Syracuse University, the start of his career took Todd Lubar into banking where he did mostly mortgage banking and construction banking. He worked at several financial institutions before he started venturing into the industry of real estate investments and mortgage originating about twenty years ago. Todd Lubar was listed among the top 22 mortgage originators in the United States of America. For more details visit Crunchbase.



According to Ideamensch, the idea to start up the TDL Global Ventures LLC came to Todd Lubar came up with a program for people who want to receive a credit to fulfill their dreams of a home. That idea grew to become what TDL Global Ventures is today, and it all came from his desire to help. Todd Lubar is a family man who finds the greatest value in spending time with his kids and wife. Todd wants to help others achieve the same.



At work, Todd Lubar fuses on keeping up with news about his line of work which often gives him ideas about what to do next. Staying organized is a priority as well because it has helped him distribute work and achieve results faster.



Something that excites Todd is the aspect of technology and the concept of a smart home. He believes that people should start embracing the idea little by little and find what would help them in their daily lives. Improving the home through technology also allows for security checks, controlling the heat and light from the phone.