Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Hires The Right People

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva focuses a lot on the people he is hiring. He is a visionary and wants to set the same vision for them. This way he keeps them inspired. He believes in motivating them but lets them do their own thing by avoiding micromanaging.



Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has founded MB2 Dental. In addition, he is an active practitioner too. Dr. Chris Villanueva is a visionary who promotes sole practice along with corporate dentistry. He can do this as he has been on both these sides of such a business equation.



This is why Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva could start his company with complete knowledge of all that was required so that he could provide vital support. He ensured that all this was done without any kind of compromise on the integrity of the dentistry profession.



Hence MB2 Dental realizes that dental practitioners require assistance that is highly specialized. This is a firm that is supporting dental practitioners in nearly 70 affiliated locations. These locations are widely spread all across six states in the United States. Such a trend of excellence will continue in order to assist more dentists.



The management networks of dental practice tend to be quite drab and dull. Dr. Chris Villanueva wants to discontinue this trend. His firm brings something that is new and exciting in this field. This is because they are focused not on the profit margins alone.



MB2 Dental is a firm that is owned by dentists. This is the main difference here. They focus on providing support as well as personal growth. They will provide improvements that will eventually benefit the patients. The firm employs innovative practices. These help in improving the typical operating standards of any dentistry practice. This means comfort for the practitioners that lead to business growth.



Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva got the idea for MB2 Dental Solutions while graduating from dental school. He saw that dentists had just two options. They could join a big practice or have their own practice. Both had their unique benefits. This is why Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva decided to create a business model to ensure that dentists could avail the best of each world.



He has smart people around him who are highly creative. This way he stays productive. He is not into micromanaging. Smart people give life to his ideas. Such collaboration helps to turn thoughts into reality.